Fusion Splicer: Signal Fire AI-8C (with toolbox and tools)



Signal Fire AI-8C L5870 is a successor of the AI-8 model. The manufacturer changed the design and construction of the device's housing a bit and redesigned the power supply and charging system, further increasing its reliability. The number of splices possible to perform on one battery charge cycle has been increased to 240. As in the previous model, the minimum splicing time is 6 seconds and the minimum sleeve heating time is 15 seconds.
Signal Fire fusion splicers sold by DIPOL company are covered by a 4-year warranty. The authorized service located in Krakow has qualified staff and a spare parts for all models. Usually, devices that are delivered to the service one day are ready to use and sent back to customers the next day. In the case of a more complicated repair, the customer is informed about the time needed for its completion.
DIPOL company is the exclusive distributor of Signal Fire fusion splicers in Poland
The kit includes:
  • Signal Fire AI-8C fusion splicer
  • toolbox
  • set of spare electrodes
  • fiber cleaver
  • universal stripper
  • stripper for flat cables
  • bottle with dispenser
  • cleaning brush
  • carrying belts (for the splicer and the box)
  • AC charger with USB adapter
Signal Fire is a proven solution in the market of fiber-optic fusion splicers. Despite of advanced fiber positioning and splicing technique, the device is offered for a very competitive price. The working comfort will be appreciated by both beginner and advanced users, including experienced installers. The quality and reliability of the splicing machine has been confirmed in a number of tests performed under a variety of environmental conditions and on different types of fibers.
Signal Fire is a dynamically developing company specializing in the manufacture of fiber optic splicers. Headquartered in Chengdu, it employs nearly 200 professionals. The devices are built with top-of-the-line components from renown manufacturers (including European ones), and based on technological solutions protected by numerous patents. The characteristic feature of splicing machines from Signal Fire is the use of smartphones for their configuration, archiving of operation data and for diagnostics. Products of this company have gained recognition in the markets of the whole world. The high quality of the offered devices is confirmed by the warranty policy providing a replacement after 50,000 splices.
Signal Fire AI-8C employs core alignment technology (there is option of cladding alignment) that ensures minimum attenuation of the splices. Fiber ends are positioned by 6 stepper motors from Siemens, which is an absolute exception in this price category. The splicer can be used both for deployment of hundred-kilometer-long fiber optic trunks and in FTTH systems requiring short point-to-point connections, in LAN installations and fiber-based video surveillance systems. The AI-8C model is controlled by a quad-core processor providing fast response times (the splicer is ready to work after 3 seconds) and ensuring short splicing and sleeve heating operations. The splicer is one of the fastest devices of its kind currently available on the market and the fastest in its price class.
5.1-inch screen with resolution of 800x480 pixels and adjustable brightness makes the operation simple and intuitive, even in difficult lighting conditions. The optical system offers magnification factor of 300, making it very easy to observe the splicing operations and visual analysis of the results (in two planes). The minimum splicing time is 6 seconds, and sleeve heating time (40 mm sleeves) is only 15 seconds.
The universal fiber holders ensure comfort and speed of operations - they can hold 250 μm or 900 μm SM, MM fibers in tight buffer or loose tubes, pigtails, rubber-insulated fibers, multi fiber and DROP cables. The splicing machine offers various programs and Auto mode that works well in most situations.
The housing body is made of metal , underneath covered with rubber protection. The splicing chamber and heater cover are made of high quality plastics. The kit includes a practical box containing all the necessary tools, power supply and accessories (placed in two-level drawer mounted on durable metal guides). What is important, the installer does not have to take the splicer out of the box for splicing operations - the box provides a solid and stable support. The box is made of durable plastic and has a detachable element that can be used as a stool or small table.
The device is equipped with 7800 mAh rechargeable battery which has enough energy to perform 240 splices with sleeve heating cycles. The battery charging time is only 3.5 h. "Press & remove" design of the battery compartment allows for very fast battery change (there is a possibility to buy a spare battery). Additionally, the AI-8 splicer is equipped with a USB connector for charging a smartphone in the field from this high-capacity battery.
The splicer software allows user to enable the so-called "intelligent lock". In this mode, the user has the possibility to limit the use of the splicer - for example when renting it. The following restrictions can be made:
  • the splicer is locked by default; it is necessary to unlock using a pre-defined phone,
  • the splicer is unlocked to perform a certain number of splices - after that it will remain blocked,
  • the splicer is unlocked for a specified time (user defines a range of dates); after that, the splicer will remain blocked.
Key features
  • 6 motors for fiber positioning,
  • core alignment or cladding alignment options,
  • AUTO mode option,
  • x300 magnification factor,
  • quad-core processor providing fast response times,
  • splicing time from 6 seconds,
  • quick sleeve heating period (15 s for 40 mm sleeve),
  • configuration with dedicated smartphone app (Android/iOS),
  • the app can create operation reports (export to xls),
  • large (5.1'') display with adjustable brightness,
  • metal casing underneath covered with rubber layer,
  • built-in LED lamp,
  • high-capacity exchangeable battery (7800 mAh, ca. 200 splicing and heating operations),
  • battery charging time: ca 3.5 h,
  • USB adapter for smartphone charging,
  • universal fiber holders,
  • high quality practical toolbox,
  • large set of accessories.
The splicer is immediately ready for operation. For daily work it does not need any configuration or additional application. The application available in Google Play oraz AppStore is required only for advanced management, e.g. for changing the default splicing program or calibration settings due to extremely changing environmental conditions. The application also includes an instruction manual in English and instructional videos.
The application offered by the manufacturer allows the user to change parameters for both basic and advanced functions of the splicer. It is also possible to work in full manual mode with manual positioning of fibers in two planes. The application enables the user to view the history of splices made (optionally with pictures of bad ones) and export it to a spreadsheet (with date filtering option).
Notice: the warranty period for the rechargeable battery and cleaver is 12 months.


Product type Fiber optic welder
Manufacturer Signal Fire
Name AI-8C
Fiber positioning For sheath, For the core
Min. splicing time S 6
Min. splice shield sealing time (40 mm) S 15
Number of motors 6
Arc calibration automatic No
manual Yes
Autofocus Yes
Supported fiber types Single-mode G.652, G.655, G.657
Multimode G.651 – OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4
Splice attenuation (typical) single-mode fibers dB 0,02
multimode fibers dB 0,01
Reflection attenuation (min.) dB 60
Electrode strength approx. 3000 splices
Supported fiber diameter buffer μm 80 – 150
sheath μm 100 – 1000
Fiber cutting length 250 μm coating mm 8 – 16
coverage > 250 μm mm 16
Splice strength test N 2
Image magnification X axis x300
Y axis x300
both axes x150
Display diagonal inches 5,1
resolution p 800 × 480
type TFT
Battery type lithium
capacity mAh 7800
Power supply AC input voltage V 100 – 240
DC output voltage V 13,5
Weight splicer kg 2,08
Set kg 7,1
Dimensions splicer mm 130 × 122 × 148