GSM Amplifier/Repeater SIGNAL GSM-305 (without PSU)

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Signal GSM-305 A6765 repeater amplifies the GSM signal and distributes it inside buildings. The amplification coverage is approx. 300 sqm.
• Operating band 880-915, 925-960 MHz (GSM+EGSM)
• Gain: 60/60 dB
• Max. output power: 10 dBm
• Indoor coverage area up to 300 square meters
• AGC (ALC) - automatic gain/level control
• MGC - manual gain control
• Compliance with ETSI 303 609-4
• Easy installation (Plug and Play)


2-year warranty.



The unit comes with a two-year warranty.
Signal GSM-305 A6765 repeater amplifies GSM signals inside buildings. The device is ideal for locations where the range of a cellular network allows for use of mobile phones out of buildings, but is insufficient for indoor operation. Such locations include some remote places (long distances to base stations), but more often rooms in old buildings with thick walls or in basements and cellars (e.g. pubs, coffee shops). A strong barrier can also be modern windows with panes covered with metallic layers.
The SIGNAL GSM-305 repeater amplifies the whole GSM+EGSM frequency range and complies with RED 2014/53/EU directive and ETSI 303 609 standard that is the basis for CE declaration.
The user has to buy a power supply separately. The recommended PSU is N93320.
Distinguishing features:
  • Support for GSM phones - GSM+EGSM: 880-960 MHz;
  • Compliance with ETSI 303 609 required for this kind of devices;
  • AGC (ALC) - automatic gain/level control;
  • MGC - manual gain control (attenuator);
  • Gain suitable for the coverage area;
  • Indoor coverage area up to 300 m2;
  • Easy installation (Plug and Play);
  • The packaging does not contain an outdoor antenna (it should be selected depending on signal level - usually A741030, sometimes A7018 or A7028);
  • 24-month warranty.
Contents of the set:
  • Main unit,
  • Special bracket for mounting the device,
  • User manual (in English).
This product can solve the problem of low signal in hotels, boardinghouses, and various buildings, allowing to use cellular phones for calls and Internet access.
Important features:
Extended operating band. The GSM repeater amplifies signals of the "old" GSM band and new EGSM band that has been introduced to increase the number of operators. The total frequency range of the device covers 880-915 MHz and 925-960 MHz bands.
ALC function. Automatic level control automatically adjusts gain of the device within range of 20 dB. It will not allow to overdrive the internal amplifier in the case of input signal fluctuations.
Adjustable input attenuation The built-in attenuator allows to adjust the optimum level of the input signal (attenuation 0-31 dB, step 1 dB).
Additional information on the new repeaters is available here.
Installation of the Signal GSM-305 A6765 repeater:
  • find a place outside building with a good GSM signal (880-915 MHz and 925-960 MHz bands),
  • mount the outdoor antenna (usually A741030) so that it is directed towards GSM base station,
  • choose a location for installing the repeater somewhere inside the building to place the indoor antenna in the central part of the building/hall/room to be covered,
  • check if the distance between the outdoor and indoor antennas is at least 10 m,
  • install the Signal GSM-305 repeater in the suitable place in the hall/room (away from heaters etc., ensuring natural ventilation),
  • be sure that the antennas are connected to the dedicated, marked sockets,
  • connect the N93319 power supply to 230 VAC outlet and to the amplifier.
Signal GSM-305 A6765 repeater connects with both antennas via coaxial cables. It usually provides enough flexibility to place the device and the N93319 power supply near an AC power socket.
EU Declaration of Conformity

Below there is an example of using the repeater for better cellular coverage in a home.
SIGNAL repeaters is a series of devices that amplify cellular signals in buildings. These professional devices are characterized by high quality and very good stability.
SIGNAL repeaters meet all requirements concerning the legality of their installation and use. All the devices are supplied with CE certificates and fulfill the required standards.
Repeaters made to order
We also offer selective GSM repeaters for GSM operators.

To evaluate the price of such a repeater, we need the necessary technical specifications:
  • frequency range: 400 MHz to 2700 MHz. A single repeater can amplify multiple channels, also with spacing.
  • gain:10 dB to 85 dB
  • output power: 1...27 dBm
  • connectors: SMA or N
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Name Repeater SIGNAL GSM-305
Product type GSM repeater
Manufacturer SIGNAL
Operating band MHz 880-915, 925-960 (GSM+EGSM)
Coverage area m2 300
Max. output power dBm 10
Gain uplink dB 60
downlink dB 60
Max latency μs +/-0.5
AGC (Automatic Gain Control) built-in Yes
range dB 20
ALC (Automatic Level Control) built-in Yes
MGC (Manual gain control) built-in Yes
range dB 0...31
Impedance Ohm 50
Display No
Built-in signal level meter No
Antenna connectors External antenna N-slot
Internal antenna N-slot
Device properties
Power supply VDC 3, 9
Certificates CE (ETSI 303 609)
Dimensions mm 218 × 155 × 65


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SIGNAL GSM repeaters amplify incoming and outgoing GSM signals to enable or improve the wireless communication inside various kinds of buildings.