GSM Antenna: ATK-1/830-960MHz (10m cable & FME)

Code: A7007
This product is no longer available



GSM Antenna: ATK-1/830-960MHz (10m cable & FME)
View of the antenna on a mast
GSM Antenna: ATK-1/830-960MHz (10m cable & FME)
View of the FME socket terminating the 10 m coaxial cable (included)
The omnidirectional ATK-1/830-960MHz antenna has been designed for receiving and transmitting GSM signals in situations where the simple antennas of GSM phones and modems do not provide satisfactory results:
  • for voice calls and data transmission,
  • for Internet connectivity using GSM 850 and GSM 900 band.
The antenna is equipped with 10 m cable terminated with FME socket. It is mounted on a mast with the included U-bolt (see the upper picture).
Name ATK-1/830-960MHz +10m + FME
Code A7007
Band [MHz] 830-960 MHz
Gain [dBi] 2.5
VSWR <1.5
Half-power beam V/H [º] 60/360
Impedance [Ω] 50
Max supplied power (Tx) [W] 50
Connector FME socket
Cable length [m] 10
Dimensions [mm] 238xΦ71
Weight [kg] 0.65



Name ATK-1 antenna
Product code A7007
Product type Communication antenna
type transmission technology SISO antenna
directionality Omnidirectional
Cable Length m 10
no. of cables 1
cable type RF-5
Connector type FME
number 1
Applications LTE800 (800 MHz), GSM900, UMTS900, LTE900 (900 MHz)
Manufacturer DIPOL
Applications outdoor
Operating band MHz 830-960
Max. gain dBi 2,5
Impedance Ohm 50
Radiation angle vertical polarization H/V° 360/10
Polarization V
DC-shorted No
VSWR <1.5
Max. mast diameter mm 45
Dimensions mm Φ71 × 238
Packaging Cardboard box
Weight kg 0,65