HDD: 3.5” WD Ultrastar 10TB WUS721010ALE6L4 3.5", SATA III



Western Digital ULTRASTAR series hard drives are designed for a variety of applications: traditional storage arrays, server applications. The drives feature a 7200 RPM, 6 Gbps SATA interface.
Key features:
  • Capacity: 10 TB
  • Interface: SATA III
  • Dedicated for server applications
  • Cache memory of 256 MB
  • Transmission rate up to 250 MBps
Technology innovations improve efficiency and performance in traditional and legacy systems. The Ultrastar DC HC300 Series 3.5-inch drives are based on proven, cost-effective air-filled HDD technology and conventional magnetic recording (CMR). These HDDs leverage popular hardware and firmware, yet they feature a second-generation dual microservo for improved head positioning accuracy and drive performance. Moreover, write speeds benefit from Western Digital's media cache architecture, a drive-based cache technology that ensures that ample temporary memory space is available and it improves reliability and data integrity. Meanwhile, the addition of non-volatile memory (NVC) flash in both SATA and SAS models helps improve write performance.
Western Digital hard drives are recommended by all leading manufacturers of CCTV equipment.


Name Western Digital 10 TB 3.5" ULTRASTAR WUS721010ALE6L4
Model WUS721010ALE6L4
Product type HDD
Manufacturer WD
Series Ultrastar
capacity TB 10
Interface SATA III
Housing format 3.5"
Interface transfer rate (max.) between host and disk MBps 245
Cache Mb 256
Speed rpm 7200
Niezawodność, integralność danych
Mean time without failure (MTBF) H 2000000
Zarządzanie energią
Avg. power consumption read/write W 9,2
idle W 8
Wymiary i masa
Dimensions mm 24 × 145 × 100
Weight kg 0,735