HDD 3,5” Western Digital PURPLE 2TB SATA III 6 Gbps 256MB WD22PURZ

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The Western Digital hard drives from PURPLE series have been purpose-built for surveillance video systems operating in 24/7 mode.
• Capacity: 2 TB
• Interface: SATA III
• Dedicated drive for CCTV


3-year warranty.



WD22PURZ hard drives are designed for use in video surveillance systems operating in a rigorous 24x7mode. They offer excellent performance, high capacity and long-term reliability. The drives are designed for non-stop operation in audio/video processing equipment such as DVRs and recorders in PC-based CCTV systems.

The WD22PURZ is dedicated to heavy-duty systems, while providing greater resistance to vibration and elevated temperatures with lower power consumption and lower noise emissions, thanks to IntelliSeek, IntelliPark and IntelliPower technologies. Western Digital drives are recommended by all leading CCTV equipment manufacturers.
WD22PURZ drives have significantly better performance than their counterparts dedicated to PC workstations. The key benefits include:
  • lower by 25% average drive ready time,
  • reduced by up to 20% noise emission,
  • reduced by up to 50% power consumption (read/write).
In a DVR/NVR with multiple HDDs, usually only one is used at any given moment - the rest is in sleep mode. The power consumption of WD AV-GP HDD in sleep mode is only 0.4 W - it is 40% of the value consumed in this mode by typical HDDs used in PCs.


Name HDD Western Digital PURPLE WD23PURZ 2TB (3.5”, SATA III 6Gbps 256MB)
Model WD23PURZ
Product type HDD
Manufacturer WD
Series Purple
capacity TB 2
Interface SATA III
Housing format 3.5"
Number of supported cameras max. 64 HD
Name of the relevant firmware AllFrame 4K technology
Wear-resistant components No
Interface transfer rate (max) from buffer to host Gbps 6
Interface transfer rate (max.) between host and disk MBps 175
Cache Mb 256
Speed rpm 5400
Niezawodność, integralność danych
Load factor per year TB/year 180
Mean time without failure (MTBF) H 1000000
Warranty years 3
Zarządzanie energią
Avg. power consumption read/write W 3,8
idle W 3,2
standby and sleep W 0,3
Parametry środowiska
Operating temperature in operation 0...65
sleep -40...70
Shock during operation (2 ms read/write) G 30
during operation (2 ms read) G 65
during storage (2 ms) G 250
Sound level idle dBA 21
searching (avg.) dBA 26
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Dimensions mm 26.1 × 147 × 101.6
Weight kg 0,45