HDMI-HDMI Cable (20m, 24AWG)

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HDMI-HDMI Cable (20m, 24AWG)
View of the cable

HDMI-HDMI Cable (20m, 24AWG)
View of the connectors
The item has a 2-year warranty.
This HDMI male to HDMI male cable allows the connection of HDMI devices (sat receiver, Blu-ray player, computer, game console etc.) to HD-enabled projector, plasma or LCD TV. The cable transmits both digital video and audio, without any loss in quality, over a distance up to 20 meters.
Distinguishing features:
  • Length: 20 m
  • AWG: 24 (0.511 mm)
  • HDMI specification: v1.3b
  • Max. video resolution: FullHD
  • Deep Color (12-bit)
  • Transmission speed up to 10.2 Gb/s
  • Support for 1080p+
  • External armoring protects the cable against mechanical damage
  • Two filters
Compliant with HDMI v1.3b