HDMI Extender over Wi-Fi (5GHz, 50m)

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HDMI Extender over Wi-Fi (5GHz, 50m)
View of the receiver and transmitter units
HDMI Extender over Wi-Fi (5GHz, 50m)
Rear view
HDMI Extender over Wi-Fi (5GHz, 50m)
View of the included accessories
Signal HD HDMI Extender over Wi-Fi wirelessly transmits a high definition signal from a HDMI source to a television or monitor located up to 50 meters away. The functions include reverse transmission of remote control commands from the location of the TV/monitor to the HDMI source (function of remote control extender). The kit contains transmitter (sender) and receiver units and accessories. The units create independent, dedicated wireless link.
The kit includes:
  • Transmitter (sender) unit
  • Receiver unit
  • 2 power supplies (for transmitter and receiver)
  • IR receiver (sensor) and transmitter (for remote control extender function)
Key features
  • Wireless transmission of HDMI signal
  • Automatic selection of optimal Wi-Fi channel in 5 GHz band
  • Transmission of HD content up to 1080p
  • Maximum transmission distance: 50 m
  • Remote control extender function
The bit rate of the compressed signal at the output of the transmitter is about 20 Mbps. The output signal can be properly decoded only by the dedicated receivers - it cannot be done by a PC equipped with WI-Fi card. The transmitter and receiver units create independent, dedicated wireless link.
The set is perfect for connecting remote (up to 50 m) HD source like sat receiver, Blu-ray player, PC, game console etc. to an HD-enabled TV/monitor/projector. The only device connected to the TV/monitor/projector is the receiver unit (optionally with the IR remote control sensor).
HDMI Extender over Wi-Fi (5GHz, 50m)HDMI Extender over Wi-Fi (5GHz, 50m)
Connection diagram of H3641 HDMI Extender over Wi-Fi. The maximum distance between the location of SENDER and RECEIVER units cannot exceed 50 meters.

Name HDMI Extender over Wi-Fi
Code H3641
Supported video formats DTV/HDTV: 480i/576i/480p/576p/720p/1080i/1080p
Maximum transmission distance
50 m
Operating temperature range
Humidity 20%...90% (no condensation)
Dimensions 95 x 121 x 20 mm
Power 230 VAC / 5 VDC 


Nazwa Konwerter HDMI na Wi-Fi
Kod H3641
Obsługiwane formaty Video DTV/HDTV: 480i/576i/480p/576p/720p/1080i/1080p
Maksymalny zasięg transmisji 50 m
Temperatura pracy -10...60 ºC
Wilgotność 20...90% (bez kondensacji)
Wymiary 95,0 x 120,5 x 20,1 mm
Zasilanie AC 230 V /  DC 5 V