HikCentral-P-VSS-Base/0Ch Basic License for HikCentral Professional Hikvision software.

Code: K06019
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HikCentral-P-VSS-Base/0Ch is a basic package for video monitoring of HikCentral Professional software.
• License name: HikCentral-P-VSS-Base/0Ch
• Description: basic package for monitoring system.



HikCentral-P-VSS-Base/0Ch is the HikCentral Professional software's video monitoring base package, including the prerequisites for the expansion package for all the basic features of the video monitoring system.
Software licenses are project-specific products. The price depends on the application and is negotiable.


Producent Hikvision
Rodzaj towaru Licencja
Kompatybilne oprogramowanie HikCentral Professional
Series Projektowa
Nazwa HikCentral-P-VSS-Base/0Ch
Kod SAP 401000147