Code: R96043
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Home Junction Box TeSM-101, KKZ-101 housing included
Front view
Home Junction Box TeSM-101, KKZ-101 housing included
View of the bottom of the box - the cable entry
Home Junction Box TeSM-101, KKZ-101 housing included
View of the inside
Flush-mounted cable connection box intended for use in apartments in multifamily buildings. The box is used in each apartment for housing necessary equipment and connecting communication cables running from the technical room with those connected to the outlets deployed in the apartment.
The dimensions of the TeSM-104 box have been optimized in order to install it even in thin walls.
The collar of the box can be perfectly aligned with the plane of the wall, no part of the box sticks out past the wall surface. The front door has air vents that can also let through WiFi signals.
In the lower part of the box there is a connector chamber. The chamber is used to organize the cables and connect distribution equipment and media converters, such as RF amplifiers, splitters, multiswitches, multiswitches with optical inputs, CATV modems, routers etc. The connector chamber allows for terminating copper cabling (UTP/STP, coaxial) and optical fibers. There are openings for 4 any connectors in Keystone standard, one double SC/APC adapter, five F-type connectors. The active devices can be quickly and easily mounted on the rear wall of the box - the holes in the wall can be used for threading ties and Velcro straps through to fix the equipment. In addition, the box has built-in 230 VAC power outlet.
Key features
  • Installation box for use in apartments/homes
  • External dimensions: 348 x 452 x 93 mm
  • Perfectly aligned with the plane of the wall
  • Solid metal construction with air vents letting through WiFi signals
  • Quickly mounted with PUR foam in the prepared hole in the wall
  • Suitable for copper and fiber-optic cabling
  • Easy mounting of devices with ties and Velcro straps
  • Connections chamber/cover included
  • Universal lock
  • Built-in 230 VAC outlet
  • Universal lock
Name TeSM-104
Code R96043
External dimensions [cm] 348 x 452 x93
Color of the front
Mounting method
installation foam
Type flush-mounted
Installation of equipment
ties, Velcro straps
Connections dedicated KKZ-104 connector chamber (included)


Name Home junction box TESM-104
Product type Home junction box
type TESM-104
Brand Teklom Telmor
Applications indoor
Mounting type Flush-mounted
Mounting plate Built-in Yes
Material Aluminium
Coupler panel AC 230 V socket 1
Keystone hole pcs. 4
F slot pcs. 5
light adapter hole pcs. 1
Dimensions Width mm 348
Height mm 452
Depth mm 93
Housing material Material Galvanized steel sheet
Design Color White
Lock type drum
number of keys pcs. 2
Holes for cables Penetrations in the side wall, Recesses in the bottom wall