How to choose the proper F-connector

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F does not mean F? Our offer includes as many as 9 types of F-connectors. How to make the proper choice?
The main division of them is due to the way of applying - F-connectors that are screwed on the cable and those crimped on. The first kind can be mounted with bare hands or with handy, dedicated wrench HT-224.
Mounting Tool HT-224(for F connectors)
The mounting tool HT-224 E8007 facilities work a lot
The latter kind requires using adequate crimping tools, e.g.:
Crimping Tool HT-106Efor RG-58,6,11,213 (11.40/8.20/5.40)
Crimping Tool HT-106C for RG59/RG62/RG6
HT-106E E8004, HT-106C E8006.
To prepare the coaxial cable for the operation, it is needed in each situation insulation stripper:
Insulation Stripper HT-332 (for RG 58, 59/62, 6 and others)
Insulation stripper HT-332 E8003
In order to choose F-connector having proper dimensions we have to know outside diameter of the coaxial cable. The choice will be easier thanks to the table given below.
Quick F-connectors. F-connectors are cheap and reliable, but in some applications (e.g. testing and measurements) they are not handy due the need of screwing on. The same is true with linking cascades of multiswitches. The problem can be solved by using "quick" F-connectors - E8242.

Screw-on F-connectors

Code Producer Cable's diameter
E8008 - Złącze F 7,2 mm
Far East 7.2 mm
E8009 - Złącze F 6,8 mm
Far East 6.8 mm
E8020 - Złącze F 5,5 mm
Far East 5.5 mm

Crimped F-connectors

Code Producer Cable's diameter
E80261 - Z%u0142%u0105cze F 5,5 mm zaciskane na kabel RG-59 firmy Cabelcon
Far East 5.5 mm
E80271 - Z%u0142%u0105cze F 6,5 mm zaciskane na kabel RG-6
Far East 6.5 mm
E8024 - Z%u0142%u0105cze F zaciskane na kabel RG-11
Cabelcon 10 mm
Quick F-connectors
Code Producer Cable's diameter
Far East For linking multiswitches