Indoor antenna amplifier: AWS-1036 SilverLine
(1 input, 4 adjustable outputs)

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AWS-1036 (1 input) is designed for MATV installations. The device has four outputs with independent level controls.
• Inputs: 1: 47-862 MHz
• No. of outpus: 4
• Max. amplification: 23 dB
• Max. output level: 100 dBμV
• Amplification adjustment range: 14 dB
• Antenna preamplifier power supply possible


3-year warranty.



The RF amplifier AWS-1036 has been designed for applications in individual and community antenna installations. The device has been equipped with one input (which may require to employ an antenna diplexer to combine the received channels), and four outputs with independent level controls. It is especially suitable for signal distribution in community (MATV) and CATV systems (due to whole TV band).
The independent level controls allow equalize signals in outlets (or branches) in the case of different distances (compensation of attenuation of the cables).
The set also includes regulated AC/DC adapter (output: 12V/250mA, Jack: 3.5 mm), but it is possible to power the amplifier through its "D" output, via coaxial cable, using RF/DC separator - AZS-03 C0397 (and the included power supply). It allows to mount the amplifier in the attic and power it from the place with access to the power line. When using a splitter, in this case it has to pass DC voltage, e.g. E2094.
AWS-103x amplifiers are equipped with solid, cast metal housing, which protects them against external interferences.
The amplifiers are not prepared for operation in open space or wet places.


Product type Home repeater
Model AWS-1036
Brand AMS
Applications Indoor
Operating band FM/VHF/UHF
Inputs/Outputs Number of inputs 1
No. of outputs 4
DC 0/12 V switch Yes
Gain control Yes
Parametry wzmocnienia
Input 1 Frequency 87...790
Gain dB 22...27
Gain control dB 0...14
Preamplifier power supply V/A DC 12/0.1
Precorrection of cable characteristics No
Device specifications
Max. output level dBµV 103
Inner noise VHF dB 5
UHF dB 5
Die-cast enclosure Yes
Built-in LTE filter LTE 700
Signal connector type F
RF test output No
Power supply V DC 12
Current drawn A 0,18
Power supply V/A DC 12/0.25
Remote power supply 12 VDC
Operating temperature °C -25...+55
Dimensions mm 125 × 88 × 26
Weight kg 0.36