Indoor antenna amplifier: AWS-1133 SilverLine



The RF amplifier has been designed for applications in individual and small community antenna installations (one output). The set includes stabilized power supply (output: 12VDC/120mA). The switch allows to power (via coaxial cable) one preamplifier in UHF path. The amplifier can also be powered from other device (via coaxial cable connected to the output).
The amplifier allows to connect separate antennas for FM radio, TV in VHF band, and two UHF antennas. It can be used wherever antenna signals require precise leveling and are received from different directions (transmitters). Separate gain control for each input allows to match the signal level from each source.
Gain control and power switch (for preamplifier in UHF1 path) are available after removing the top cover of the amplifier.
The amplifier has a test output (-20dB) to facilitate the measurement of output signal or connection of test monitor, without a need of disconnecting the installation.


Product type Home repeater
Model AWS-1133
Brand AMS
Applications Indoor
Operating band FM+VHF+2 × UHF
Inputs/Outputs Number of inputs 4
No. of outputs 1
DC 0/12 V switch Yes
Gain control Yes
Parametry wzmocnienia
Input 1 Frequency 87...108
Gain dB 22
Gain control dB 0...20
Input 2 Frequency 174...230
Gain dB 24
Gain control dB 0...20
Input 3 Frequency 470...790
Gain dB 27
Gain control dB 0...14
Preamplifier power supply V/A DC 12/0.04
Input 4 Frequency 470...862
Gain dB 27
Gain control dB 0...14
Precorrection of cable characteristics No
Device specifications
Max. output level dBµV 100
Inner noise VHF dB 5
UHF dB 5
Die-cast enclosure Yes
Signal connector type F
RF test output Yes
Power supply V DC 12
Current drawn A 0,08
Power supply V/A DC 12/0.12
Remote power supply 12 VDC
Operating temperature °C -25...+55
Dimensions mm 125 × 88 × 26
Weight kg 0.36