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TV, SAT, WLAN, CCTV installations - advertising and experience

We invite installation companies from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary to send in descriptions of accomplished projects of terrestrial, satellite, CCTV, and WLAN installations/systems.
Please, fill in the form below and attach at least 2 pictures of the installation.

The diversity of customers' requirements and variety of equipment and technical conditions are the reason that it is impossible for a single company to test all solutions. For the benefit of installation companies and their customers, we would like to promote reliable solutions.
We will publish the descriptions in consecutive issues of our DIPOL Weekly Review. The reward for the company will be free advertising, effective due to high ranks of DIPOL websites, being very popular technical portal in Europe, available in several languages.

We will also award every report published in DIPOL Weekly Review with
Location of installation:
Kind of site, building etc:
*school, hotel, supermarket, one-family house...
Name of investor, website:
*if permitted by the investor
Name of installation company:
Customer requirements?:
Basic equipment used?:
Short description of the installation:
Finish date of the project:
Pictures of the installation:
Fulfillment of all customer's requirements
Contact e-mail address:

The list of installation descriptions that have been
sent to us and published on our website to date:
DVB-T modulators
in a retail chain
Multiswitch system
for 80 televisions
Video surveillance system
in a hotel
Optical-copper DVB-T/SAT system
for 8 televisions
Multiswitch system
for 182 subscribers in two buildings
SMATV multiswitch system
for 198 subscribers
in prestigious housing development
Multiswitch system (1215 outlets)
in a housing development
Multiswitch system in Mark Edelman Dialog Center
in Lodz, Poland
IP CCTV system in an office
and service center
Multiswitch system in a high-rise building
Megapixel IP CCTV system
Multiswitch SMATV system
with 189 outlets
Television in an old manor
Television in an old manor
Multiswitch system
IP CCTV system in a business facility
High-end hotel TV system
CCTV system in a Norwegian hotel
CCTV system in a Norwegian hotel
Hybrid video surveillance system for a housing development
Installation of a home GSM repeater without sacrificing living space
Construction site surveillance
Shared antenna system (DVB-T+SAT) for eight 2xSAT+TV outlets
Video monitoring of auto dismantling yard
IP CCTV system in the "Rynek 16" hotel in Sandomierz, Poland
Digital MMH-3000 headend in a chain of fitness clubs
Mobile video surveillance system at air show
SMATV system with 240 outlets
in the office of an electronics
IP door phone - TP-Link APs
and 8level VoIP gateway
Video surveillance at Lodz-Widzew
train station - Hikvision-Ultimax
DVR and color CCTV cameras
SMATV system with 60 outlets
in an apartment building,
based on TERRA MSV equipment
GSM repeater
in a wind power plant
VoIP 19 miles from the coast
- with TRANS-DATA antenna
TERRA MMH-3000 headend
in the Hotel Copernicus in Krakow
in Sarmata Hotel
SMATV system in a multi-family building - TERRA multiswitches
Coverage problems are gone
- application of a GSM repeater
A problem with coverage?
Let's use GSM repeater.
Online monitoring
of construction site
Megapixel video surveillance
system with ACTi cameras
in Krakow
Practical CCTV system
based on ULTIMAX DVRs
of 100 and 200 series
Video surveillance of Szczercow
- ACTi and IQinVision
Poor GSM signal?
Solution: Signal GSM repeater
ULTIMAX - recording of the session
of City Council of Sandomierz
and CCTV monitoring of the building
stable and efficient
wireless communication
TERRA headend
at the Migrand Hotel in Szczecin
Mobile system for monitoring mass events
with ACTi cameras.
Hotel CENTURIA - Wellness & SPA
with ALCAD headend
employed by a city's ISP
Business promotion
- surveillance video on a website
TERRA headend
- Focus hotel chain
ALCAD headend
- Jagiellonian University campus
CCTV system with 20 cameras
- automotive wholesale center
TERRA multiswitch installations
in 24-apartment houses
TERRA headend
in local cable TV network
IP CCTV - a 21-camera system in household goods factory