Instructions on how to install compress BNC connectors
onto CAMSET cables

The process of preparing the CAMSET, high performance CCTV cable, and professional compression BNC connector - E8293.
After some practice it takes less than 20 seconds !!!
In the case of cables with power wires (M5995, M5997, M6050, M6100) they have to be separated (at the length of about 10 cm)
The end of the coaxial cable should be terminated with the E8003 insulation stripper
After putting the cable in, twist the stripper, 5 turns each direction. The spring of the tool ensures proper force of pressure. The depth of the cut can be adjusted by positioning the blade (after easing the blockade with the wrench being a part of the set)
View of the cable after the operation.
The inner conductor should be uncovered at the length of 8 +/-1.4 mm and the dielectric with braid at the length of 6.4 +/-1 mm
Turn down the braid onto the jacket (sheath) of the cable.
No wire can be left on the dielectric
Now you can install the connector
Slip the end of the cable into the connector.
The inner conductor of the cable inserted into the inlet is centered and stopped.
The center bush slips between the dielectric and braid

Preparation of universal compression tool PCT-AIO-CT E80075 for the BNC E8293 connector:
  • remove the F, RCA, IEC adapter (with the chain)
  • the pivot linking the mandrel and lever has to be shifted to the right (to get the maximum mandrel travel)
The buffer socket is made of magnetized material.
You'll feel some resistance opening the buffer.
The cable with connector put into the socket of the tool.
Pay attention that the connector has to be completely slipped onto the cable

Close the buffer
Compress the connector with the lever, to the stop.
It does not require too much force - you can do it with one hand.
The connector is shortened by 4 mm
Properly installed connector cannot practically be removed!