Intruder Alarm Control Panel: SATEL VERSA 10 (main board)

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VERSA is a range of modern intruder alarm control panels, intended for small and medium commercial and residential security systems. What makes them stand out on the market are their expansion capabilities – both hardwired and wireless, as well as variety of supported communication media, including optional GSM/GPRS and TCP/IP modules. With a wide range of accessories and thoughtful user interface, the versatile security systems based on these panels can meet various needs of the users and are easy to operate.
It is easy to program VERSA systems with the use of LCD keypads having clear menu and a number of useful factory settings. The systems can also be configured using free DLOADX software designed for operation systems from Windows family. This option is especially recommended for larger security systems with more advanced functions.
Key features of VERSA systems:
  • Possibility to divide the system into 2 partitions (groups of inputs/zones), also with shared inputs.
  • Up to 30 programmable inputs/zones, with selection from 20 different reactions.
  • Up to 12 programmable outputs, with selection from 20 different functions.
  • Up to six LED/LCD keypads.
  • 30 passwords for users, additional service password.
  • Remote monitoring by two monitoring centers via telephone line or Ethernet connection.
  • Notification on system events sent up to 8 phone numbers in the form of voice or text messages.
  • Event log with 2047 entries.
  • 4 timers for date and time related functions.
  • Automatic diagnostics of basic system components (power supply, phone line, inputs, outputs, communication bus etc).
  • Editable names of users and system components (partitions, zones, outputs, modules, timers etc).
Main features of the VERSA 10 panel:
  • EN50131 Grade 2 compliance
  • 10 inputs/zones, expandable up to 30:
    • NO, NC, EOL, 2EOL/NO, 2EOL/NC zone configurations,
    • support for vibration and roller shutter sensors,
    • sensor supervision.
  • additional tamper input
  • 4 up to 12 programmable outputs
  • 2 supply outputs
  • 2 partitions:
    • 3 arming modes for each partition
    • arming/disarming by users or timer controlled
  • firmware update option, e.g. new functions
  • RS-232 port (RJ type socket) for panel programming
  • built-in telephone dialer for:
    • reporting (SIA, ContactID, other)
    • personal messaging (8 telephone numbers, 64 text/16 voice messages)
    • remote programming (built-in 300 bps modem)
  • support for GSM/GPRS communicator:
    • SMS/GPRS reporting
    • voice/text messaging
  • system operation via:
    • LCD or LED keypads (up to 6)
    • remote control key fobs
  • support for 31 user codes:
    • 30 standard users
    • 1 installer
  • editable names of users and system components for easy operation
  • 4 timers with holidays support
  • event log with 2047 entries
  • automatic diagnostics of basic system components
  • built-in 2 A switching mode power supply:
    • overload protection
    • deep discharge protection
    • battery charging supervision


Model VERSA 10
Product type Alarm control panel
System Versa
Brand Satel
Number of inputs 10
Max. number of inputs 30
Additional tamper input Yes
Programmable outputs 4
Types of outputs high-current outputs 2
low-current outputs 2
additional power output (AUX) 2
Max. number of programmable outputs 12
Number of zones 2
Surveillance modes in each zone 3 (full, night, day)
Timers 4
Users 30+1
Memory of events 2047
Sensors supported NC, NO, 2EOL/NC, 2EOL/NO, Roller shutter
Built-in modules PSTN dialer
Electrical specifications
Power supply AC V 18 +/- 15%
Recommended minimum transformer power VA 40
Max. battery capacity Ah 7
Power supply output A 2
Load capacity of low-current programmable outputs mA 50
Obciążalność wyjść programowalnych wysokoprądowych (±10%) mA 1100
Current consumption of the board min. mA 100
max mA 125
Protection acc. to EN50131 Grade II
Environmental class acc. to EN50130-5 II
Operating temperature °C -10 ...+ 55
Max. humidity % 93+/-3
Dimensions mm 150 × 68
Weight kg 0,26