IP Camera AVIOSYS 9070 CS (720p)

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Online video from Aviosys 9070 CS K1161 (a market square in Krakow)
Menu of the camera is available at AVIOSYS 9070CS, login parameters:

User Name - "guest"
Password - "guest"
Internet Explorer uses MPEG-4 (25 fps). It requires ActiveX. With the left and right click of the mouse you can digitally zoom in and zoom out any chosen part of the image.
Other browsers employ MJPEG (1 fps).
The choice of the stream is performed automatically.
The streaming is done by Zax.pl, an ISP company also dealing with Web hosting services and CCTV systems.
Outdoor IP Camera: ACTi TCM-1232 (1.3 Mpx, H.264, IR)
View of the camera

Outdoor IP Camera: ACTi TCM-1232 (1.3 Mpx, H.264, IR)
Bottom view

Outdoor IP Camera: ACTi TCM-1232 (1.3 Mpx, H.264, IR)
Rear view

Outdoor IP Camera: ACTi TCM-1232 (1.3 Mpx, H.264, IR)
View of the camera on the included bracket

Outdoor IP Camera: ACTi TCM-1232 (1.3 Mpx, H.264, IR)
The included CD-ROM with software and 2 GB SD card

Outdoor IP Camera: ACTi TCM-1232 (1.3 Mpx, H.264, IR)
Other included accessories
Aviosys 9070 CS camera is a modern IP device allowing to stream HD video. It is used both as a surveillance camera and as a marketing tool to present images on websites. A unique CNT technology allows to watch the video with any Internet browser, using various operating systems.
Application of the camera as a web server
Distinguishing features
  • Exchangeable SD card (up to 8 GB - Kingston)
  • Exchangeable CS lens
  • Analog video output (PAL/NTSC)
  • Resolution up to HD 720P
  • Three streams
  • Electronic PTZ
  • CNT technology
  • Included Surf 16 software
  • Available SDK and CGI
  • Support for SSL, gmail, EZ Blog, My Web
  • Support for Apple iPhone
9070 CS can provide images of resolution up to 1280 x 720 pixels, using three data streams. Its original lens can be exchanged to other CS one. The exchangeable SD card (up to 8 GB) memory allows to save not only the website information, but also archival data. It is an NVR functionality that allows to create a video surveillance system with distributed archives. The memory is also used as a backup in the case of transmission problems.
The camera can simultaneously send one, two or three streams, depending on their parameters:
Compression MPEG4 - 1 MPEG4 - 2 MJPEG
MPEG4 + MPEG4 + MJPEG 720 CIF 352
MPEG4 + MJPEG 720 / VGA - 720 / VGA
MPEG4 + MPEG4 720 CIF -
MPEG4 720 - -
MJPEG - - 720
Recording options:
  • Internal memory - allows local recording in MPEG4 or JPEG format, triggered by motion detection or performed on a schedule. After filling the whole card, the current data can automatically overwrite the oldest material.
  • FTP server - sending MPEG4 or JPEG stream to a defined remote server. MPEG4 streaming is also possible without SD card.
  • SMTP - allows to send MPEG4 or JPEG images to a predefined e-mail address. MPEG4 streaming is also possible without using SD card.
AVIOSYS camera can simultaneously send steams to a website, ftp server, e-mail address
Ways to trigger recording:
  • Schedule - it is possible to define seven periods of continuous recording (time of the day, day of the week).
  • Connection loss - this mode is triggered in the event of loss of communication with the camera. The recording is possible only using the internal memory of the camera (SD card).
  • Motion detection - the image can be recorded on the SD card and/or on an ftp server and send to a predefined e-mail address.
AVIOSYS cameras as the core of an IP video surveillance system with local recording
In addition to remote playback of the material recorded on the SD card, the card can be removed and the material can be played directly on a PC. It is highly convenient in the case of longer preview of the material (the camera can continue the operation with a new card). Of course, if the card contains website content, it has to be copied to the new card.
EPTZ feature allows digital enlargement of any part of the image, with the use using a computer mouse. The selected portion of the image can be enlarged several times in order to "zoom" the interesting details. Such digital zoom does not affect the recorded image, which is a large advantage over PTZ cameras.
Another useful function is the ability to control the camera operation from the command line of a web browser. The CGI commands allow to capture the image and change the name of the camera, IP address, port, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS. It also possible to display the video stream.
The camera supports RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol).
IP cameras equipped with RTSP protocol allow the user to view the images in real time with any multimedia player supporting this protocol (e.g. VLC, QuckTime Player, RealPlayer). Thanks to the RTSP protocol, the access to the images is available through any web browser without installing any plugins, on any platform (Windows, Linux).
Thanks to the local recording feature, the camera is ideal for monitoring homes, offices, shops etc. It may also serve as a web server, where the image is the part of a website. The image can also be combined into any website, making it look more attractive.
Example applications include the promotion of pubs, restaurants, galleries, ski runs etc; broadcasting of public events, church services etc; monitoring of animals, babysitting services, kindergartens and schools.
The default website embedded in the camera
Cross Network Technology (CNT) ensures a secure connection between computer networks including the Internet. This quick, smooth, efficient and safe solution provides a huge competitive advantage of Aviosys devices.
The implemented applications:
IP-Edit - used to find and configure the network settings of IP cameras in the local network. It does not matter what the current IP address is - it is enough that the camera is connected to the network. In addition, the application monitors any changes of addresses and checks whether they are not already occupied by other devices, eliminating conflicts in the network. In the case of cameras available on the Internet, they can be searched using their names - there is no need to remember the external addresses.
The IP-Edit window
EZ Blog - allows to generate code that can be added to any existing website, making it more attractive. The most interesting is that the image is downloaded from the streaming server, and not directly from the camera, allowing for a greater number of simultaneous connections. It translates into the quality of the website.
My Web - used to create a website stored in the memory of the camera. In addition, a part of the website can be the image from the camera. Its memory contains a sample web page showing a live image from the camera. Of course, the website can contain images from several cameras.
Surf 16 - for managing up to 16 Aviosys cameras. Simple to use and efficient video managing software. It enables the user to find the cameras in the network, to add them to the system (live monitoring) and perform required operations (recording, video capturing etc.).
A screenshot from the Surf16CH application
IP Service - interesting feature that allows to save the current network parameters of a camera (name, location, IP address). Later, it enables the user to find the selected camera on the Internet without knowing its IP address. This is very useful when the user administers a larger number of devices in different locations, because they do not have to remember the external IP addresses - it is enough to use the camera name.
Name AVIOSYS 9070 CS
Code K1161
Image sensor
1/2.5'' CMOS
Lens 6 mm, F1.2
Security Password, HTTPS, SSL,
multi-layer access control
Supported protocols
Video compression
MJPEG, MPEG4-1, MPEG4-2 (3 independent streams)
Resolutions MPEG4-1: 720P x 1280
MPEG4-2: 352 x 192
MJPEG: 640 x 352
Frame rate
MJPEG - 30 fps
MPEG4 - 30 fps
Video adjustments White balance, BLC, brightness, contrast, color saturation, sharpness
Language English, Chinese
Flash memory
SD card (included:2 GB; max 8 GB)
IR illuminator
Power 12 VDC, 300 mA
PoE Yes
Network interface
RJ-45 10/100 BASE-T
Dimensions [cm] 16 x 5.5 x 5
Weight 0.36 kg
Special features My Web
EZ Blog
SDK & CGI commands
CNT technology
Surf 16 managing software
Operating temperature 5...50 °C
Included accessories Operating instructions
CD-ROM with software package
AC/DC adapter
RCA cable + BNC/RCA adapter
RJ-45 patch cable


Typ kompresji MPEG4 - 1 MPEG4 - 2 MJPEG
MPEG4 + MPEG4 + MJPEG 720 CIF 352
MPEG4 + MJPEG 720 / VGA - 720 / VGA
MPEG4 + MPEG4 720 CIF -
MPEG4 720 - -
MJPEG - - 720