IP NVR Signal 2716 (16ch)

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IP NVR Signal 2716 (16ch)
Front view

IP NVR Signal 2716 (16ch)
Rear view

IP NVR Signal 2716 (16ch)
View of the remote control ...

IP NVR Signal 2716 (16ch)
... and included accessories
IP NVR Signal 2716 is an economical 16-channel IP network video recorder dedicated for small and medium size IP CCTV systems where the priority is low cost. This standalone NVR with VGA and HDMI outputs can be directly connected to a monitor for live monitoring and playing back archives, without a need for an additional computer. Thanks to embedded Linux OS, the Signal 2716 NVR ensures stable operation and resistance to computer viruses.
Distinguishing features
  • HDMI output,
  • VGA output,
  • BNC output (video),
  • Two SATA ports for connecting two HDDs with total capacity up to 6 TB,
  • LAN port,
  • 2 x USB 2.0,
  • 8 alarm inputs, 1 alarm output
  • Control via front panel buttons, USB mouse, IR remote.
  • Built-in web server operated via Internet Explorer,
  • Support for ONVIF protocol,
  • H.264 video compression,
  • Max total bandwidth: 64 Mbps,
  • Simultaneous monitoring of 4/8 cameras with free composition of the windows and option of automatic switching between cameras,
  • Recording by schedule, motion detection (Signal cameras), alarm events,
  • CMS client software for live monitoring and playing back archives on PC computers,
  • Mobile access via Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile devices.
The K2716 IP NVR can record video streams from IP cameras with resolution up to 2 MP (1920 x 1080). The maximum total bandwidth is 64 Mbps (CBR or VBR), sufficient for recording images from 1080p cameras at frame rates up to 25 fps.
Two SATA ports allow for connecting two hard drives with a total capacity of 6 TB. In the case of memory overflow, the NVR automatically overwrites the oldest recordings to prevent loss of the latest data. Built-in two USB ports can be used to connect USB memory devices and copy certain portions of the material to external media. Video files can be converted to AVI format and played on any PC or multimedia device such as tablet, smartphone, PDA.
With two HDDs, one of them can duplicate the surveillance data for increased reliability of the system (in case of an HDD or NVR failure). The duplication of the stored information increases the chance for its recovery in the event of abnormalities.
The NVR is supplied with free CMS software used for central configuration and management of IP CCTV systems based on Signal NVRs and IP cameras.

Main functions of the software:
  • presets of displaying parameters,
  • network configuration of IP cameras,
  • network configuration of NVRs,
  • searching and playing back recorded video files,
  • registration of new users with assignment of access privileges.
The software allows users to change parameters of video streams from IP cameras as well as to configure Signal NVRs. Dedicated applications enable users to display surveillance video on Android, Blacberry, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile smartphones.
Model IP NVR Signal 2716
Code  K2716
Manufacturer Signal
Operation system
Number of channels
Support for megapixel cameras
Data processing capacity
64 Mbps
HDD 2x SATA2 (max 6TB)
Max resolution of connected IP cameras
1920 x 1080 pix
Max frame rates
25 fps
Pentaplex Simultaneous live monitoring, recording, playback, backup and remote access
Live monitoring
8 channels - manual or automatic switching between preview layouts
Playback 1 channel via video output; up to 8 channels simultaneously via CMS software or Internet Explorer
OSD Current date and time, recording status, channel name, alarm status, transmission parameters
Supported IP camera brands
ONVIF - Sunell, Signal
Ethernet port
10/100 Mbps
Compression H.264
Recording modes
Continuous, scheduled, manual, alarm-triggered
Alarms No HDD, network connection error, disk overflow
Digital zoom Any part of the image to full screen size (live monitoring and playback)
Backup External USB memory device, PC via LAN
Remote configuration
Live monitoring, PTZ control, playback, system settings, backup, logs reading
Video outputs
Additional ports
2 x USB, RS485 (PTZ control)
Alarm inputs/outputs
Resolutions of monitor outputs 1024x768, 1280*720, 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1920x1080
Remote client OS
Operating temperature -10°C ... 55°C
Supplying voltage
12 VDC (AC/DC adapter incl.)
Power consumption
20 W
Mobile access
 Android, BlackBerry, Symbian,
Windows Mobile
User interface Internet Expolorer, CMS app
Dimensions (W x D x H) 405 × 330 × 65 mm
Weight 6 kg