IP NVR: Sunell SN-NVR3804E1-J (III) (4 ch, 40 Mbps, AI, 1 × SATA, VGA, HDMI, H.265)

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Eko series network NVR with AI camera functionality, compact metal housing.
• Recording in resolution up to 4K (12 MP)
• Simultaneous HDMI (4K/30 Hz, 1080p/30/60 Hz)/VGA (1080p/60 Hz) outputs
• Maximum input bandwidth 40 Mbps
• Supports up to 4 Sunell or other manufacturers' IP cameras via Onvif
• 1 slot for SATA drive up to 8 TB
• H.265 compression (Smart)/H.264
• Intelligent motion detection (4 channels)
• Support for intelligent camera functions
• 2 Ethernet 100 Mbps ports
• Audio I/O for two-way communication
• Access via P2P cloud
• Alarm I/O


3-year warranty.



The SN-NVR3804E1-J (III) is part of the Eco series, made up of reliable and flexible solutions for systems of all sizes. The NVR supports 4 IP channels, enabling the recording of video from IP cameras with a resolution of up to 12 MP. The device supports intelligent image analysis, functions based on artificial intelligence, as well as advanced camera solutions such as ANPR, people counting systems and face recognition. In addition, it supports intelligent motion detection on 4 channels independently.
1 SATA port enables connection of hard drives with a capacity of up to 8 TB. If the memory is full, automatic overwriting is triggered to prevent the loss of the latest data. Built-in 2 USB ports allow you to plug in a memory stick or external drive and copy specific sections to external storage media and control with a computer mouse.
Key features:
*Recording in resolution up to 4K (12 MP),
*Simultaneous HDMI (4K/30 Hz, 1080p/30/60 Hz)/VGA (1080p/60 Hz) outputs,
*Maximum input bandwidth 40 Mbps,
*Supports up to 4 Sunell or other manufacturers' IP cameras via Onvif,
*1 slot for SATA drive up to 8 TB,
*H.265 compression (Smart)/H.264,
*Intelligent motion detection (4 channels),
*Support for intelligent camera functions,
*1 Ethernet 100 Mbps ports,
*Audio I/O for two-way communication,
*Access via P2P cloud,
*Alarm I/O.

The SN-NVR3804E1-J (III) IP recorder complies with the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act).
Key functions:
ANR function
The image from the IP camera is sent to the recorder as a data stream. In the event of a computer network failure (reduction in bandwidth), the information is irretrievably lost because the network does not buffer it and the camera cannot resend it. When the ANR (Automatic Network Replenishment) function is activated, the camera can save recordings to a memory card in the event of connectivity problems with the NVR. When the failure ceases, the recordings are automatically transferred to the recorder. In the event of an interruption in transmission, the operator does not have to take any action in order to have a complete recording on the recorder. To use it, you must also have a Sunell IP camera equipped with a memory card slot and a microSD card.
Plug and Play
Plug and Play allows Sunell cameras to be automatically detected and configured without having to manually configure IP addresses, ports and other settings.
Easily search for recordings
Recordings can be searched based on events such as motion detection, alarm activation and various image analysis functions. They can also be filtered by event type. Searching is also aided by the ability to list events and access to a preview of the image from the moment the event occurred.
H.265 and H.265 Smart compression
H.265 (HEVC - High Efficiency Video Coding) is currently the most efficient compression method. Compared to its predecessor (H.264), it reduces the data stream and the demand for disk capacity by half. Therefore, hard drives with a halved capacity can be used, or recordings can be stored for twice as long. Its improved version H.265 Smart has been optimized for use in CCTV monitoring systems. They allow for further reduction of data streams.
Applications for PC, mobile phones and tablets
SunView CMS is professional software for managing monitoring systems. It works within a client-server architecture, which makes it a scalable and centralised system. This means that it can be easily adapted to different sizes and monitoring needs, while being managed from one central point. With a variety of features, it is able to meet a wide range of requirements for video surveillance solutions.
SunView is the official app available for both iPhone Android devices to operate and manage IP cameras and NVRs.


Model SN-NVR3804E1-J (III)
Product type IP recorder
type Standard
Brand Sunell
Series Eko
Number of channels 4
Operating band Input MBps 40
Output MBps 40
Output modes HDMI 1/VGA 1 Parallel
Max. output resolution HDMI 1 px 4K (3840 × 2160)
VGA 1 px 1920 × 1080
Coding/decoding compression standards H.265Smart, H.265, H.264
max. recording resolution MP 12
synchronous playback 4 channels
max. decoding resolution 1 12 MP channel, 4 channels 4 MP
HDD Number of SATA interfaces 1
max. capacity of each HDD TB 12
USB 2.0 2
Two-way audio Yes
Audio Input 1, RCA
Output 1, RCA
Alarm inputs/outputs Yes
Alarm Input 4
Output 1
Ethernet 2 × RJ-45 10/100
Built in PoE switch No
Applications Sunview
Archiving USB, Remote
Network protocols HTTP, HTTPS, TCP/IP, IPv4, UPnP, UDP, RTSP, SMTP, NTP, DNS, DHCP, P2P, IP Filter, DDNS, 802.1 × , SNMP, 3G/4G, PPPoE
Smart functions
IVS intelligent image analysis functions Operation Intelligent motion detection, Face detection, Perimeter protection (virtual line, zone entry/exit, intrusion)
Support for cameras with analytical functions ANPR
Additional functions ANR
Power supply DC V 12
Current drawn (no HDD and PoE) W 10
Operating temperature °C -10...+50
Permissible humidity % <90
Height U 1
Dimensions (W × D × H) mm 255 × 235 × 48
Weight kg 0,8


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