IP Power Switch & Watchdog (4-ch): Aviosys 9258HP

Code: N3410
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IP Power Switch &Watchdog (4-ch): Aviosys 9258HP
View of the device

IP Power Switch &Watchdog (4-ch): Aviosys 9258HP
Rear view
IP Power 9258HP allows remote power control of AC power outlets (via the Internet network) - switching on/off up to 4 devices. The IP power switch and watchdog has the ability to automatically monitor the connected network devices (monitoring based on PING function) - in the absence of a response the connected device is turned off or reset. Using this watchdog, system administrators and network managers can securely monitor and control all their servers, routers, switches and other network devices.
One of the distinguishing characteristics of the device is the ability to set a specific date and time when a device connected to one of the outputs is to be switched on/off or reset (switched off and on). The configuration is done using multi-event scheduler.
Distinguishing features:

  • Configuration via web browser, telnet, or RS232;
  • Control of up to 4 devices;
  • Built-in web server and editor;
  • Built-in multi-event scheduler (dates and times of switching on/off or reset of each connected device);
  • Periodical switching off and on of a device (at a time of day, on a day of week, every several days);
  • Automatic monitoring of the connected network devices, using PING function - in the absence of a response the device is turned off or reset;
  • Support for HTTP CGI commands and Telnet commands;
  • Action delay (switching on/off);
  • Action alerts (alarms) - beep;
  • Action alerts (alarms) - by e-mail;
  • Configuration of startup default values (outputs on or off);
  • Log memory;
  • Hardware Watchdog;
  • IP Blacklist capability to block unwanted IP addresses;
  • 64-bit password protection;
  • MAC address changer;
  • DHCP client;
  • PPPoE support;
  • NTP client;
  • DDNS support;
  • Total output current (all four power sockets): 15 A / 110 VAC or 10 A / 240 VAC; max load of a single output: 6 A;
  • Supplying voltage: 90-240 VAC.
The device is perfect for base stations which have to ensure stable, long-term operation. If a hang occurs, the role of the device is to bring the fault system/subsystem/device back from the non-responsive state into normal operation. In the case of such a freeze, the device can take action automatically, or carry it out over the the Internet (triggered by an operator or a supervision system). Typical action is switching off and on the non-responsive system/subsystem/device, i.e. reset and restart it. The device has four independent power outputs.
Typical applications:
  • Switching on/off light;
  • Opening gates, switching on/off cameras, IR illuminators etc.;
  • Remote switching on/off various equipment;
  • Switching on various equipment for a specified period;
  • Periodical switching on/off various equipment;
  • Remote reconfiguration/rebooting of network equipment.
All configuration and management can be done from anywhere in the world via the Internet.
Configuration of the device is performed via a web browser - the user can set actions such as:
  • Manual switching on/off or reset (switching off and on) of a device plugged to any output.
Basic power control settings
  • Periodical switching off and on of a device (at a time of day, on a day of week, every several days).
Power control settings - scheduler
  • Automatic test of the attached network equipment with the use of PING function. This function is based on sending ICMP packets in order to obtain a response from the tested device. In the absence of a response, an adequate action is taken (switching off and on of the dedicated power output - reset).
PING settings
Thanks to programs supplied with the device, the user can easily configure and control its functions.
IP Edit:
This application is used to search for and configure network settings of AVIOSYS cameras and watchdogs in local networks. It does not matter what the current IP address is, it is just enough that the camera or watchdog is connected to the network. Additionally, the program eliminates any conflicts. In the case of cameras available on the Internet, they can be searched by their names - there is no need to remember their external addresses.
IP-Edit window
Name Aviosys 9258
Code N3410
Number of power outputs
Password protection
Configuration interface www, telnet, RS232
Dimensions [mm] 260x117x44
Total output current (of all four power outlets) max 15 A (at 110 VAC) or 10 A (at 240 VAC)
Supplying voltage
90-240 VAC



Nazwa Watchdog Aviosys 9258
Kod N3410
Ilość gniazd wyjściowych 4
Zabezpieczenie hasłem 64 bitowym
Konfiguracja za pomocą www, telnet, RS232
Certyfikat CE
Wymiary [mm] 260x117x44
Parametry wejściowe (sumaryczne) 15A/110V AC lub 10A/240V AC
Zasilanie 110V AC lub 230V AC