IPTV Streamer: TERRA sti-440 (DVB-T/T2/C to IP, USB port)



IPTV Streamer: TERRA sti-410C (DVB-T/T2/C to IP, CI slot)
IPTV Streamer: TERRA sti-410C (DVB-T/T2/C to IP, CI slot)
IPTV Streamer: TERRA sti-410C (DVB-T/T2/C to IP, CI slot)
View of the sti 440 R81606 IPTV DVB-T/T2/C to IP streamer
IPTV Streamer: TERRA sti-410C (DVB-T/T2/C to IP, CI slot)
View of the included accessories - wall mount, distance lath, RF bridge, termination load resistor
Key features
  • Conversion of DVB-T/T2/C signals to IP stream,
  • Conversion of channels from 4 digital multiplexes (1 module),
  • USB port allowing for streaming material in .ts format
  • Possibility of creating thematic lists (e.g. channels in the same language) that are automatically detected by receivers,
  • Possibility of watching TV on PCs, laptops etc. running free app,
  • IPTV receivers have recording option and access to some web services (YouTube etc),
  • Use of twisted-pair cables as the transmission medium,
  • Easy way to extend the transmission range (through the use of media converter and optical fiber),
  • Low power consumption, power redundancy,
  • IP multicast technique saving LAN resources,
  • Unique communication protocol allowing fully automatic configuration of IPTV receivers.
The sti-4440 R81606 IPTV DVB-T/T2/C to IP streamer allows for selection of four multiplexes (with unencrypted channels) from terrestrial (DVB-T/T2) and cable TV (DVB-C) platforms and their distribution via Ethernet (LAN) network based on twisted-pair cabling. The output IP stream with effective throughput up to 200 Mbps is usually provided to IPTV receivers via network switches. The use of multicast technique considerably saves the network resources.
Additionally, the sti-440 R81606 module can stream any material provided via USB port in the form of MPEG-2 TS (Transport Stream).
Thanks to television distribution technology based on IP, the cabling in a building can be limited only to one (data + IPTV) or two (separate for data and for IPTV) UTP/FTP cable(s). In addition to low cost of such cabling, the users get access to additional interactive features, and the programming can be adapted to their specific requirements.
One of the main advantages of the Terra IPTV solution is no need for any middleware software between the headend and the receivers. As a result, the system is much cheaper (no software license fees) than other solutions and very simple in both configuration and operation. A unique feature of the system is the fact that the terminal units - R81612 IPTV receivers - do not require any configuration, which can be of great importance in the case of larger networks. They automatically detect any changes in the local network or the programming.
Input signals of sti-440 R81606 streamer: four DVB-T/T2/C multiplexes (4 MPTS Multiple Program Transport Streams)
View of the information window of sti-440 R81606 module. The information includes the important parameters of digital signals, input level in dBμV, SNR, VBER.
The "Output streams" window is used to configure the output streams individually after scanning the input stream. They can carry up to 256 TV/radio channels with individual multicast addresses, in 4 MPTS streams.
Advanced configuration options of output streams
Professional VHF and UHF DVB-T Antenna Set (H/V): DIPOL 28/5-12/21-60DIN Rail Power Supply DR-60-12 (12VDC/4.5A, for Terra at/mt/ma modules)IPTV Streamer: TERRA sti-440 (DVB-T/T2/C to IP, USB port)Ethernet Media Converter M-203G (for two single-mode fibers up to 20km)Ethernet Media Converter M-203G (for two single-mode fibers up to 20km)DIN Rail Power Supply DR-60-12 (12VDC/4.5A, for Terra at/mt/ma modules)
Example of an MATV system (DVB-T) with fiber-optic transmission medium

Name  sti440
Code  R81606
RF input
Frequency range [MHz]   47-862
AGC/Impedance [dBμV/Ω]   40-80/75 
Standard DVB-T/T2/C
Modulation  COFDM/QAM 
Power for a preamplifier [V/mA]  12/100
IP output
Standard  IEE802.3 100/1000 Base T
Bit rate  up to 200 Mbps 
Transmission protocols
Multicast  Yes
General Control port
IEE802.3 10/100 Base T
Power [V/A] 12/0.5
Operating temperature range [ºC] 0...+50
Dimensions [mm]  48.5x198x107.5
Weight [kg]  0.97



Product type Streamer IP
Name sti440
Input standard DVB-T/T2/C (COFDM, QAM)
RF input Number of MUXes 4
Frequency range MHz 47...862
Power supply/control 12 V, max 100 mA
signal level, AGC dBµV 45...80
Impedance Ohm 75
IP output Bandwidth Mbps 200
Channels FTA (uncoded) Yes
Coded (CI slot) No
Specyfikacja techniczna
Output standard IP
IP output Ethernet IEE802.3 100/1000 BaseT
transmission protocol UDP/RTP, SAP/SDP
multicast Yes
Configuration Port RJ-45
IP address
Power supply V/A DC 12/0.5
Operating temperature °C 0...+50
Weight kg 0,9
Dimensions mm 36 × 198 × 112