IR Remote Control Extender: Signal-Link (using existing antenna cabling)

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The remote control extender Signal-Link allows to command any audio/video equipment that uses IR technology of remote control (satellite receivers, VCRs, DVDs, stereos etc.) from other rooms. Such a possibility is especially useful within apartment/house installations, where one DVB receiver should serve several TV outlets in separate places. The requirement for using the extender is properly made antenna installation, which can be based on splitter or tap principle. The extension equipment is supplied with 12 VDC power supplies that are part of the set.
IR Remote Control Extender: Signal-Link (using existing antenna cabling)
View of the set (re-emitter and receiver)

IR Remote Control Extender: Signal-Link (using existing antenna cabling)
Power supplies are part of the set

The equipment consists of IR receiver that converts the control IR commands to 11 MHz HF signal and lets it into antenna installation, and IR sender ("reemitter"), which changes back the signal to its IR original form. There are also available additional IR receivers alone.
In order to properly position the IR emitter, the user should connect both modules and choose the place for the sender (A) experimentally (Fig. 1).

The IR controllers of the equipment to be commanded should be put into a box , making impossible direct operation (the equipment does not "see" the controllers - it ought to be tested for sure). The sensor of the receiver (B) has to be put into the box, too. Then the IR re-emitter ought to be connected to the antenna system. The same is made with the IR receiver. It should be connected to an antenna outlet, whereas the RF cable feeding the signal to the TV set - to the socket of the IR receiver. (Fig. 2).
The sensor of receiver (B) should be put close to TV set, in a way allowing direct IR transmission. In the case of bigger installations or high attenuation taps being used, it may be needed to adjust the HF output signal, which should be made carefully with a small screwdriver.
a - Make sure that the sender (emitter) A and the sensor (receiver) B are properly placed and fixed to ensure direct IR transmission.
b - When a number of Signal-Link items are used, avoid any of the cases shown in the figures 4a...4c .

c - When the antenna installation between the rooms employs an amplifier, the extender will be useless.
Notice: This extender is not compatible with Cyfra+ receivers.