Multi-band converter KIT Johansson 9645 is designed to combine two independent satellite signals and terrestrial FM/DAB/TV broadcasts into one coaxial cable. It is an ideal solution for everyone who wants to exchange their simple SAT receiver with a PVR (with two IF inputs), or use another, independ...
• New! - Two satellite signals and DVB-T broadcasts transmitted over single cable
• Ideal for connecting a 2-tuner PVR
• Powered from satellite receiver
• Transmitter unit prepared for outdoor operation
• Compatible with DiSEqC
Code: R85261

The amplifier is dedicated for antenna systems in places with difficult reception conditions, especially where terrestrial TV signals received by antennas come from different directions and have very varied levels. The device has two programmable inputs for signals in UHF band (470-862 MHz), one inp...
• Channel amplifier for shared antenna systems (S/MATV)
• Can individually process 20 channels in VHF/UHF bands
• Real-time AGC on all individual channels
• Designed for terrestrial DVB-T digital television signals
• SD card slot for copying configuration/settings
• LTE filter options (4G >790MHz, 5G >694 MHz)
• Low power consumption
• Simple to install and configure
Code: R89062