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Information on features of antennas, how to choose antennas for various reception conditions, other selection criteria, standards used, range of reception/operation, installation problem solving.
Types of antennas, protectors, and connectors.
Frequency/band/conversion tables, signal measurements.
How to choose the right amplifier/repeater? How to select a suitable external antenna and where to place it? How to select and deploy internal antennas? Comparison of the available amplifiers/repeaters. GSM channels. Requirements for cellular amplifiers/repeaters.
Information for installers, home owners, building developers - how to choose, design and implement individual and community (MATV/SMATV) antenna systems, cable TV, satellite systems. Use of RF distribution systems for CCTV monitoring. Applications of RF amplifiers, head stations, modulators, multiswitches. Example solutions and diagrams.
Information on the features and standards of CCTV systems. Design requirements and guidelines for planning the systems. Components of CCTV installations, their features and the rules of selection. Case studies, e.g. video surveillance in schools, video monitoring of gas/petrol stations, monitoring of stores etc. Video transmission. Use of IP networks for monitoring of dispersed locations.
Wi-Fi networks in consumer and professional applications. Standards, parameters and ranges of WLANs. Guides for WLAN installers. How to choose the equipment and solve basic problems. Indoor WLAN. The connectors used in WLAN systems.
Issues connected with fiber-optic technology. Home and professional networks based on fiber optic systems. The balance of power in planning of transmission systems. Equipment selection and advice in solving problems. The standards necessary for designers. Examples of FTTH installations. Video surveillance systems based on optical fibers.
Modern cabling systems. Low- and high-frequency transmission cables. The solutions used in small, large and distributed systems. The significance of proper coaxial cables in WLAN systems. Guides for investors and installers. Use of UTP/FTP cables in computer networks and for video transmission.
Signal measurements in antenna systems. Advice on the selection of antenna mounts and masts. Installing compression connectors on coaxial cables.
Classification, features and selection criteria of RACK cabinets. Component selection calculator.