LTE Antenna: ATK-LOG LTE (800-2170MHz, 5m cable, SMA plug)

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Antenna for receiving and transmitting signals in the 800-2170 MHz band. It has a gain of 5 dBi and ha a a 5 m long cable terminated with an SMA connector.
• 800-2170 MHz band
• 5 dBi gain
• VSWR <4
• 50 ohm impedance
• MIMO directional antenna
• 5 m cable
• SMA connectors


3-year warranty.



The ATK-LOG LTE antenna has been designed for use in GSM/DCS/UMTS/HSDPA/LTE systems working in 800-2170 MHz range. It effectively solves the problems of inadequate signal level which often occurs in the case of modems/devices with built-in antennas. The antenna comes with 5-meter cable terminated with SMA plug.
The antenna has been designed for operation with LTE modems equipped with two antenna connectors, some cellular phones, GSM, DCS, 3G modems.
MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) - technical solution increasing the bandwidth of wireless transmission with the use of multiple antennas (or antenna arrays) on both sides of the link.
Key features:
  • External, logarithmic, directional
  • MIMO 2x2
  • Broadband: 800-2170 MHz
  • Suitable for GSM, DCS, UMTS, LTE
  • Gain up to 5 dBi,
  • DC-shorted
  • VSWR <4
  • 5 m cable terminated with SMA plug
  • Mounted to a mast with U-bolts


Name ATK-LOG antenna
Product code A7056_10
Product type Communication antenna
type transmission technology MIMO antenna 2 × 2
directionality Directional
Cable Length m 5
no. of cables 2
cable type RF-5
Connector type SMA
number 2
Applications LTE800 (800 MHz), GSM900, UMTS900, LTE900 (900 MHz), LTE1800 (1800 MHz), LTE2100, UMTS2100 (2100 MHz)
Manufacturer DIPOL
Applications outdoor
Operating band MHz 800-2170
Max. gain dBi 5
Impedance Ohm 50
Radiation angle vertical polarization H/V° 91/62
horizontal polarization H/V° 62/91
Polarization H,V
DC-shorted Yes
Max. mast diameter mm 40
Dimensions mm 670 × 20 × 20
Packaging Cardboard box
Weight kg 0,53