Megapixel Lens: Tokina 16 - 48 mm F2.0

Code: M2237
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CCTV Lens: JENSEN 2.5 mm F2.0
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TVR1620HDIR M2237 is a high-quality 1/2" glass lens of Tokina company from Japan. It has been designed for cooperation with megapixel cameras.
Name TVR1620HDIR
Code M2237
Focal length [mm] 16 - 48
F-number 2.0 - C
Minimum focusing distance [m]  4.15
Sensor size ["] 1/2''
Viewing angle (horizontally) [o]: 25.8 - 8.8
Manual iris YES
Automatic iris
Maximum resolution [Mpx] 3.0
Mount CS
Operating temperature range [oC] -5...+50
Dimensions 40 mm (diam.)  x 73.5 mm
Main application
megapixel cameras

The lens enables the installer/user to set focal length from 16 to 48 mm. Adjustment of this parameter allows quick correction of viewing angle. In the case of cameras equipped with 1/2" image sensors, the angle can be changed within 25.8o do 8.8o (horizontally). The lens has manually-adjustable iris.
Thanks to this high-end lens every megapixel camera can provide best possible results - sharp and detailed pictures.
Tokina of Japan has been known in the photographic world since 1951, as the producer of high quality materials used in photography. Since 1996 the company has focused on special lenses for CCTV cameras. Currently the offer includes the following kinds of lenses:
  • megapixel
  • IR
  • AF (Auto Focus)
  • wide-angle, middle-angle, telephoto (1.4 to 1100 mm)
  • for 3-CCD cameras


Nazwa TVR1620HDIR
Kod M2237
Długość ogniskowej [mm] 16 - 48
Przysłona (F) 2,0 - C
Minimalna odległość od obiektywu [m]  4,15
Rozmiar przetwornika ["] 1/2''
Kąt widzenia (poziom) [o]: 25,8 - 8,8
Przysłona manualna TAK
Przysłona automatyczna NIE
Maksymalna rozdzielczość [Mpix] 3,0
Mocowanie CS
Temperatura pracy[oC] -5...+50
Wymiary 40 fi  x 73,5 mm
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