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Video Monitoring

Monitoring of Premises

Video surveillance system in a hotel
Installing a CCTV system, one has to carefully select the places that should be monitored, deploy appropriate cameras, choose suitable DVRs and hard drives. After the analysis of the facility and potential dangers, the company installed a total of 33 n-cam and v-cam cameras. It is also important to monitor all the entries and exits to/from the hotel building. Properly selected and installed cameras should be able to capture images that allow the identification of any person entering or exiting the building. It helps to protect the guests and the hotel property.
Universal diagrams of CCTV systems
The case studies present basic CCTV systems, analog, hybrid, and IP. These are examples of video surveillance systems for homes, stores, parking lots, towns.
Parental surveillance
Parental surveillance based on web cameras is a simple and cheap monitoring system enabling parents to watch and hear their children from another room, the workplace, or even every corner of the world.
Intelligent video surveillance systems
Intelligent video surveillance system based on image analysis and continuous monitoring of the system performance dramatically improve efficiency of the system management performed by the operator. The unquestionable advantages of such systems are: - the duties of several operators taken over by one person, - elimination of human errors caused mainly by loss of concentration due to monotony of the surveillance job, - limitation of the number of actions performed by the operator (the rest is replaced by an automated system), - self-monitoring of the system and detection of any abnormality, - ...
Home CCTV systems
The decision to install CCTV system in a home is an investment for a longer period of time. Unlike in plants, factories and public buildings, the elements of such a system shouldn't be prominently displayed, in order not to spoil the architectural character of the house and its interior. Of course, as with any security system, the primary criterion must be the efficiency of protection. Therefore, faced with the choice of concrete solutions, home owners should first determine what form of video security system will meet their requirements.
Video surveillance in schools
Many people understand that even best educative measures cannot solve the problem of violence in schools. One of efficient methods of improving safety in a school is CCTV surveillance system.
CCTV system for a small store/shop
The number of burglaries and cases of shoplifting still increases, what makes owners of stores take appropriate security measures for elimination or at least reduction of this kind of crime.
Video surveillance system for gas/petrol station
The crimes most often committed on gas stations are drive-off gas thefts and lifts of various car accessories or other things being sold at the station. An increasing number of armed robberies at the stations is related mostly with...