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Optical Fibers

CCTV Video Transm.

Fiber-optic technology in CCTV systems - practical issues
The main problem faced by the installer implementing video monitoring system is the choice of the appropriate type of fiber optic cable and wiring topology for the particular installation. Because the most common questions relate to installations where cameras are deployed on poles or lampposts, all the examples refer to this type of implementations, however the information is relevant to other types of installations, as well.
CCTV over fiber - simple, cheap and reliable technology
Many installers believe that fiber optics is an expensive and difficult to implement solution and don't think about it as an alternative to copper cables. They avoid to use fiber optics even in situations where application of this transmission medium seems obvious. Sometimes the investor leaves no choice - as in the case of the installer who appeared in one of our branches, obligated to install a 350-meter-long fiber optic link. After selecting the appropriate converters, we prepared the suitable optical cable with connectors. The final installation (except laying the cable) took about 5 ...