Optical kit: RF/SAT OTX 1310 KIT TRIAX

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The optical kit RF/SAT OTX 1310 KIT TRIAX enables the user to distribute DVB-S/S2 satellite signals, digital terrestrial TV (DVB-T2), DAB radio and FM radio via fiber optic cables.
• Fiber optic cabling
• One fiber optic cable instead of 5 or 9 cable bus
• Wideband LNB dedicated for satellite installation


2-year warranty.



The optical kit OTX 1310 KIT is used for installation with fiber optic technology. Using the kit you can create systems that enable transmission of satellite SAT, terrestrial DVB-T2 and FM/DAB radio signals. This technology is distinguished by low attenuation, low interference, and, most importantly, allows to transmit signals over long distances.
The OTX 1310 optical transmitter has an optical output (output power +8 dBm) terminated with FC/PC (Physical Contact) connector and allows for the distribution of the RF/SAT signal through a passive optical network (PON) over the 1310 nm wavelength. The signal is distributed by so called passive optical splitters allowing to distribute it to up to 32 receiving points (TVQ 06 QUATRO A9882 or TVC 06 QUAD A9883 receivers). The exact number of receiving points and their maximum distance from the signal source can be determined by balancing the attenuation of the optical path with the optical power budget.
Key features:
  • Fiber optic cabling
  • One fiber optic cable instead of 5 or 9 cable bus
  • Wideband LNB dedicated for satellite installation
  • DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T2 signal distribution in fiber optic system
  • The transmitter can be mounted outside the building
  • Transmitter output power: +8 dBm
The optical transmitter is fully resistant to weather conditions (IP65 class) and can be mounted on antenna masts. However, it is recommended to use additional protective covers or boxes.
The power is supplied to the optical transmitter via coaxial cable by the included DC 20V adapter. The satellite converter is supplied with DC 12 V (signal line V).
The components of the kit:
  • Wideband LNB with 10.41 GHz oscillator
  • Optical transmitter +8 dBm
  • Optical transmitter power supply


Product type Optical kit
Name OTX 1310 KIT
Signal type TV/SAT
Manufacturer TRIAX
Input – RF signal
connector type F
Output type 1 × RF, 2 × SAT: V/H
Zakres częstotliwości wej. RF MHz 1 × 87.5-694, 2 × 290-2340
Poziom sygnału wej. RF dBµV RTV: 70 (for 6 MUX-es)
Input impedance Ohm 75
Output – optical signal
connector type FC/PC
Laser wavelength nm 1310
power output dBm +8
Number of optical outputs pcs. 1
Other parameters
Supply voltage DCV 20
Dimensions mm 140 × 140 × 30
Weight kg 0,9