Optical LNB LWO102 4F31 E 1 × 4 dBm FP 1310 nm TERRA

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TERRA's LWO102 4F31 E optical LNB is used to create SAT systems using fiber optic technology.
• FP laser
• Wavelength 1310 nm
• Power at optical output +4 dBm
• Single-mode fiber
• Type of optical connector: FC/UPC


4-year warranty.



Terra's new TV/SAT signal distribution system is characterized by high quality and competitive price. The special features of the system are: compact dimensions of the devices allowing for convenient placing together with other elements of the system in TV cabinets, wide spectrum of devices for systems based on traditional multiswitches, dSCR/Unicable, as well as hybrid systems. The use of different versions of optical transmitters allows for the distribution of signals: DVB-T/T2 and satellite from two satellites in only 1 fiber. LEDs on the housing allow for immediate verification of the correctness of connections and network diagnostics.
The LWO102 4F31 E TERRA optical LNB is used to create SAT systems using optical fibre technology and transmission at 1310 nm wavelength (transmission window II). The LWO102 4F31 E TERRA optical converter enables transmission of SAT signals. This technology is distinguished by low attenuation, low interference, and, most importantly, allows to transmit signals over long distances
The LNB has an optical output (output power +4 dBm) terminated with a FC/UPC type connector, allowing distribution of the signal to 32 receiving points spread over a radius of 10 km using single-mode fiber. The exact number of receiving points and their maximum distance from the signal source can be determined by balancing the attenuation of the optical path with the optical power budget.
TERRA's LWO102 4F31 E optical LNB is compatible with the following receivers:
  • Optical receiver ORF202 E TERRA with Wideband output output A3133
  • Optical receiver ORQ302 E TERRA with QUATRO output A3133
Power supply: 10...20 VDC (power consumption 4 W). Recommended power supply: R71468.
Notice: In order to properly set the converter, it is possible to connect the meter to the RF output (Wideband converter - H polarization). Maximum cable length 20 meters.
Key features:
  • FP laser,
  • wavelength 1310 nm,
  • power at optical output +4 dBm,
  • single-mode fiber,
  • type of optical connector: FC/UPC.
DIPOL also offers the OTF302 6F55 E TERRA A3055 optical transmitter for transmission at wavelengths 1550 nm. By combining the outputs of 1310 nm and 1550 nm transmitters in an optical multiplexer, it is possible to distribute signals from two satellite positions, terrestrial TV and radio in a single fiber. At the receiving side, demultiplexing is necessary before the signals are fed to a set of receivers. It is also possible to use two transmitters of the same type and then the distribution requires 2 fibers.
Customers can order any patch cords made to order with required terminating connectors. Please contact your sales assistant.
Diagram 1: Satellite TV (1 satellite position). Point-to-point fiber.


Product type Optical LNB
Name LWO102 4F31 E
Signal type SAT
Manufacturer TERRA
Input – RF signal
Zakres częstotliwości wej. RF SAT MHz 10700-12750
Output – optical signal
connector type FC/UPC
Laser type FP
wavelength nm 1310 (SAT)
power output dBm +4
Number of optical outputs pcs. 1
Output – RF signal
Frequency range SAT MHz 290-2340
Other parameters
Supply voltage DCV 10 – 20
Power consumption W max 4
Operating temperature range °C -30...+60
Dimensions mm 141 × 89 × 63
Weight kg 0,36