Optical Receiver TERRA OR501MW (QUAD + DVB-T/DAB/FM)



Optical Receiver TERRA OR501MW (QUAD + DVB-T/DAB/FM)
View of the OR501MW optical receiver
Optical Receiver TERRA OR501MW (QUAD + DVB-T/DAB/FM)
Top view
The OR501MW QUAD A9875 optical receiver converts optical signal coming via passive optical network from the OT501W A9872 transmitter into electrical signals. These are SAT IF signals and terrestrial DVB-T, DAB and FM broadcasts. The device has 4 outputs providing the complete satellite signals (like typical QUAD LNB) and terrestrial broadcasts.
Key features
  • OR501MW A9885 receiver is powered directly from the connected satellite receiver (or from an external 12...20 VDC power supply - not included),
  • Easy to mount e.g. to a wall,
  • Die-cast metal housing guarantying class A of screening efficiency,
  • OLC (automatic optical level control),
  • Three LED indicators enable the user to check the status of the device.
Recommended Library titles:
Name OR501MW
Code A9875
Optical input
Wavelength [nm] 1310-1650
Input power level (AGC) [dBm] -15...-5
Return loss [dB] > 40
Noise current density ≤ 7.5 pA/sqrt(Hz)
RF outputs
Frequency range (Rec.1...Rec.4) [MHz]
Impedance [Ω] 75
Return loss [dB]  ≥ 10
Frequency response [dB] ± 2
Output level (AGC, 3%OMI)[dBμV]  75±2
Output level CTB, CSO( AGC, 3%OMI)[dBμV]  75
Optical input
Wavelength [nm] 1310...1650
Input power level (AGC) [dBm] -15...-5
Return los [dB] >40
Noise current density ≤ 6.5 pA/sqrt(Hz)
RF outputs
Frequency range (Rec.1...Rec.4) [MHz]
Impedance [Ω] 75
Return loss [dB] ≥ -10
Frequency response [dB] ± 1
Output level (AGC, 12%OMI)[dBμV]  75±1
Output level CTB, CSO( AGC, 3%OMI)[dBμV]
Automatic optical level control (OLC) - SAT IF, DVB-T
LED Level of optical signal
Red color (OLC off) > -5 dBm
Green color (OLC on)   -15...5 dBm
Yellow color (OLC off) < -15 dBm
DC power
DC jack   12...20 VDC
SAT RF connection 13 V/18 V
Power consumption [W] 3.6
SAT control
14/18 V, 0/22 kHz
Optical connector FC/APC
Operating temperature range [ºC] -20...+50
Dimensions...Weight [mm]...[kg] 158/86/37...0.42


Customers can order any patch cords made to order with required terminating connectors. Please contact your sales assistant.

Below – an example of optical SMATV system based on TERRA equipment distributing satellite TV, digital terrestrial television (DVB-T) and radio signals (DAB and FM).
Optical Receiver TERRA OR501W (QUATRO + DVB-T/DAB/FM)
An optical SMATV system


Product type Optical receiver
Name OR501MW
Signal type TV/SAT
Manufacturer TERRA
Input – optical signal
Connector FC/APC
wavelength nm 1310 – 1650
Input power level dBm -15..-5
Output – RF signal
Connectors F
Output type TV+Radio 4 × SAT+DVB-T: Fullband (QUAD+DVB-T)
Frequency range FM/DAB+/DVB-T2 MHz 47-790, 950-2150
Impedance Ohm 75
Return loss dB > 10
output level dBµV 75 (DVB-T), 75 (SAT)
Other parameters
Supply voltage DCV 12 – 20
Power consumption W 3,6
Operating temperature range °C -20...+50
Dimensions mm 158 × 86 × 37
Weight kg 0,42