Optical Receiver TERRA OR501W (QUATRO + DVB-T/DAB/FM)



The OR501MW QUATRO A9877 optical receiver converts optical signal coming via passive optical network from the OT501W A9872 transmitter into electrical signals. These are SAT IF signals and terrestrial DVB-T, DAB and FM broadcasts. The device has 5 outputs, 4 of them providing the four pairs (VL–HL–VH–HH) of SAT IF signals (like typical QUATRO LNB) and terrestrial broadcasts. This "virtual QUATRO LNB" should be connected to a multiswitch or a group of multiswitches with a suitable number of outputs, depending on the number of subscriber outlets.
Key features
  • OR501W A9887 receiver is powered directly from the connected multiswitch (or from an external 12...20 VDC power supply - not included),
  • Easy to mount e.g. to a wall,
  • Die-cast metal housing guarantying class A of screening efficiency,
  • OLC (automatic optical level control),
  • Three LED indicators enable the user to check the status of the device.
Recommended Library titles:

Below – an example of optical SMATV system based on TERRA equipment distributing satellite TV, digital terrestrial television (DVB-T) and radio signals (DAB and FM).


Product type Optical receiver
Name OR501W
Signal type TV/SAT
Manufacturer TERRA
Input – optical signal
Connector FC/APC
wavelength nm 1310 – 1650
Input power level dBm -15..-5
Output – RF signal
Connectors F
Output type TV+Radio 1 × DVB-T/T2/CATV, 4 × SAT: V/L, V/H, H/L, H/H
Frequency range FM/DAB+/DVB-T2 MHz 47-790, 950-2150
Impedance Ohm 75
Return loss dB > 10
output level dBµV 75 (SAT), 80 (DVB-T)
Other parameters
Supply voltage DCV 12 – 20
Power consumption W 3,6
Operating temperature range °C -20...+50
Dimensions mm 158 × 86 × 37
Weight kg 0,42