Optical Splitter: TOS 08F (8-OUT, FC/PC connectors)

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The TOS 08F optical splitter splits optical signal into eight optical paths.


2-year warranty.



The TOS 08F A98898 optical splitter splits optical signal from optical output of the A9885 LNB or from the optical transmitter of the A9880 set into eight optical paths. The splitter can also be used in any PON networks.
The form factor (TOS) allows for easy installation in standard cabinets / installation boxes. The FC / PC sockets enable direct use of suitable connectors, without a need for additional hardware (e.g. adapters).
There are similar splitters with two ( A98892 ), three ( A98893 ) and four ( A98894 ) outputs available.
Customers can order any patch cords made to order with required terminating connectors. Please contact your sales assistant.


Product type Optical splicer
Name TOS 08F
type PLC
Housing type BOX
Signal division 1/8
Operating band nm 1260 – 1650
Loss dB 10,2
Connectors FC/UPC
Dimensions mm 150 × 114 × 20