ORD301F E optical receiver with Wideband + DVB-T2 + 2x dSCR/Unicable TERRA output.

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The ORD301F E optical receiver allows the conversion of the optical signal coming from the OTF302 6F31 E or OTF302 6F55 E transmitter into an electrical signal
• Wavelength 1100...1650 nm
• Acceptable power level at the optical input -15...-5 dBm
• Open housing ensuring high level of shielding – class A
• OLC – automatic control stabilizing signal level


4-year warranty.



The ORD301F E optical receiver A3139 allows the conversion of the optical signal coming from the OTF302 6F31 E A3031 or OTF302 6F55 E A3055 transmitter into an electrical signal. The signal is received from the optical transmitter via a passive fiber optic network and converted back to the original IF signal. The device has 5 outputs. At the outputs marked V – polarization and H – horizontal polarization, the RF signal received is the same as for a standard Wideband converter. With dSCR outputs, you can split the signal using a single coaxial cable in the dSCR/Unicable technology, while on the DTT output you have a DVB-T2/DAB/FM signal. Such receivers are often known as "virtual converters".

  • wavelength 1100...1650 nm,
  • acceptable power level at the optical input -15...-5 dBm,
  • die-cast housing ensuring a high level of shielding – class A,
  • OLC – automatic control stabilizing the signal level,
  • LEDs on the housing for much easier configuration of the entire system,
  • DC power supply directly from the connected multiswitch or an external DC power supply 20 V, which is optional equipment.

Diagram 1: Satellite TV (1 satellite position), terrestrial TV, radio – distribution in 1 optical fiber. Point-to-point fiber.


Product type Optical receiver
Name ORD301F E
Signal type TV/SAT
Manufacturer TERRA
Input – optical signal
Connector FC/UPC
wavelength nm 1100 – 1650
Input power level dBm -15..-5
Output – RF signal
Connectors F
Output type TV+Radio 1 × FM/DAB+/DVB-T2
SAT 2 × dSCR/Unicable, V, H
Frequency range FM/DAB+/DVB-T2 MHz 87.5-240/470-790
SAT MHz 2 × (290-2350), 950-2150
Impedance Ohm 75
Return loss dB > 10
output level dBµV 70 (Legacy), 75 (DVB-T), 76 (dSCR)
Other parameters
Supply voltage DCV 20
Power consumption W 7
Operating temperature range °C -20...+50
Dimensions mm 147 × 89 × 26
Weight kg 0,42