Outdoor Camera Housing: Marathon MH-806/230

Code: M54141
This product is no longer available
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Marathon MH-806/230 - housing designed for mounting CCTV cameras outdoors (IP66).
Wall Mount Bracket for CAM-7321
View of the housing

Wall Mount Bracket for CAM-7321
It is side-opening housing

The greatest advantage of this housing is side opening - the access to camera lens as well as all installation work is much easier. It enables the installer to comfortably mount and adjust the installed camera.
Hidden cable - through the hole that can be seen below one may lead the cable/s directly into the M5141 or M5142 bracket.
Wall Mount Bracket for CAM-7321
Bottom view
Wall Mount Bracket for CAM-7321
View of the housing on a pole/post with M5142 bracket and M5162 post clamp (both items to be bought separately)
Name MH-806/230 Marathon
Code M54141
External dimensions (L x W x H) 400 x 112 x 140 mm
Internal dimensions (L x W x H) 220 x 85 x 75  mm
Pane size ∅ 72 mm
Heater (supplying voltage / power) 230 VAC / 6 W
ON: 15oC
OFF: 25oC
Vertical mobility (with M5140 bracket) 15o (up) / 90o (down)
Horizontal mobility (with M5140 bracket) 180o (left) / 180o (right)
Distance from wall (housing situated perpendicularly to wall. M5140 bracket) 0...10 cm (adjustable)
External finish powder paint
Weight 1.6 kg
The housing has been equipped with a heater and thermostat. The components keep the temperature inside the housing above a minimum level suitable for proper operation of the installed camera. They eliminate the problems with fogged up pane or lens and excessive humidity, which may even make it impossible to operate insufficiently protected cameras.