Outdoor IP Camera: Sunell SN-IPR54/50DN (720p CCD)

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Outdoor IP Camera: ACTi TCM-1232 (1.3 Mpx, H.264, IR)
View of the camera in working position
Outdoor IP Camera: ACTi TCM-1232 (1.3 Mpx, H.264, IR)
General view of the camera with connectors
Outdoor IP Camera: ACTi TCM-1232 (1.3 Mpx, H.264, IR)
Outdoor IP Camera: ACTi TCM-1232 (1.3 Mpx, H.264, IR)
View of the rear panel with mini-SD slot; view of the lens adjustment screw

Outdoor IP Camera: ACTi TCM-1232 (1.3 Mpx, H.264, IR)
The included accessories
Outdoor IP Camera: ACTi TCM-1232 (1.3 Mpx, H.264, IR)
View of the packaging
Distinguishing features
  • resolution: 1280x720 (HD),
  • sensitivity: 0lx,
  • CCD image sensor,
  • frame rate 25fps,
  • +++compatibility with all IE browsers,
  • 42 IR LEDs,
  • IP66,
  • H.264 compression,
  • multi-stream,
  • audio compression G723.1/6.3kbps,
  • PoE,
  • compatible with ONVIF,
  • mini-SD slot for local recording.
Megapixel IP camera SN-IPR54/50DN K1670 employs 1/3" CCD image sensor with resolution of 1280x720 pixels which can operate without visible light (0 lx, removed ICR filter and switched on IR illuminator). The camera is equipped with 4-9 mm @ F1.4 varifocal lens allowing for the adaptation of the field of view to operational conditions. Thanks to CCD image sensor, the camera can render more detail in low light conditions in comparison with CMOS counterparts, significantly improving safety standards.
Web access to a video stream from the camera performed via IE requires installation of ActiveX controls.
Both at the maximum resolution of 1280x720 pixels, and at 640x368 pixels, the image can be captured at frame rate of 25 fps.
Apart from resolution and frame rate, the user can change a number of parameters:
  • image quality,
  • shutter speed,
  • bitrate type (CBR or VBR),
  • video stream parameters,
  • frame type,
  • max bitrate - besides the proposed values the user can set any value within 100-6000 kbps range.
The camera has been equipped with the following connectors/interfaces:
  • RJ45 connector (Ethernet and PoE from a compatible PoE power supply),
  • BNC - analog video output,
  • audio IN and OUT,
  • alarm input and output
  • mini-SD slot.
Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) enables the user to broadcast the video from the camera to multiple user simultaneously via streaming servers.
SN-IPR54/50DN generates/transmits the following alarms:
  • motion detection,
  • running out of disk capacity,
  • input alarm signal.
Integration of multiple IP cameras into IP CCTV system

A screenshot from the free software supplied with the camera
The resource CD-ROM provides free NVMS NVR software for configuring and managing up to 36 Sunell IP cameras. The utility automatically searches the cameras in the Ethernet network and allows for quick implementation of the monitoring system based on Sunell equipment.

Some functions of the software:
  • video setting,
  • network configuring,
  • schedule, motion detection and alarm setting,
  • searching for and playing back recordings,
  • creating new user accounts and assigning access rights.
Sunell IP cameras are fully compliant with commercial NVR software NUUO K3104, K3108, K3116, K3132, K3164, Digifort K3001, K3002, K3003, K3004, and with standalone NVRs K4108, K4116, K4204.
Name Sunell SN-IPR54/50DN
Code K1670
Resolution 1280 x 720 pixels (720p)
Number of video streams
Frame rate 25 fps
Image sensor
Sony 1.3 Megapixel CCD
Lens 4 - 9 mm @ F1.4

Analog video output

BNC 75 ohm
Sensitivity 0 lx with IR
DC iris connector
Mechanically switching IR filter
On-board OS
Linux 2.6
IR range
 up to 40 m (*)
Alarms Motion detection. external signal
Local recording
mini-SD card
Network interface
Network functions
RTSP Tunnel. HTTP tunnel. RTP/RTCP
Audio Two-way
Audio compression
G711 & G723.1/6.3kbps
Alarm input/output 1/1
Power 12 VDC. PoE IEEE 802.3af
Power consumption5 W (IR OFF) / 8.5 W (IR ON)
Operating temperature range
Dimensions 85 (W) x  312 (D) mm
Weight  1.4 kg
Compatible browser
Internet Explorer
(*) - the IR reflector range depends on the type of illuminated objects/surfaces (reflectance in the infrared range).
Outdoor IP Camera: ACTi TCM-1232 (1.3 Mpx, H.264, IR)
Sketch of the camera