Overview of Hikvision video intercom systems

Hikvision is a leading global provider of video surveillance products and solutions. The company's portfolio includes, among others, CCTV monitoring systems (IP cameras and DVRs, analog HD), VMS software, encoders and decoders of video walls as well as access control solutions together with the dynamically growing video intercom division. The range of video intercoms includes systems dedicated to small installations or single-family houses: the analog or IP Villa and modular systems: IP and 2-Wire for complex installations.

Overview of the 2nd generation IP and 2-Wire 2 systems
Analog system
Hikvision analog video intercoms provide an optimum solution for users expecting basic functionality, such as audio-video calls and remote door/gate opening. The devices from this product line will work well for single-family houses with the maximum extension up to 3 monitors and 2 door/gate stations. In addition to that, a CCTV camera in the CVBS standard can be connected to each monitor. The monitors are powered with 12 VDC, while the communication and power supply to the door/gate is ensured by a 4-wire cable. The electric strike is controlled by a relay built into the door/gate station, using an additional power supply.
Sample diagram using 1 door/gate station and 1 monitor
The recommended cross-sections of cables connecting the monitors and door/gate stations, depending on the transmission distance, are listed below.
Transmission distance
No. of wires required
Single wire cross section
10 m max. 4 0.2 mm²
30 m max. 4 0.5 mm²
50 m max. 4 0.75 mm²
100 m max. 4 1.5 mm²


IP Villa, modular IP and 2-Wire systems
The modular IP and 2-Wire (2-conductor wiring) are highly functional and scalable video intercom systems. They can be tailored to the specific needs. The door/gate station has a modular design, which means that it can be built of various components depending on the actual needs. If a code lock functionality is required, a keyboard is added that can be also used to dial a subscriber's number. To open the door with RFID transponders, a proper reader can also be added. An essential part of the modular door station is a scalable main unit with a camera. The door/gate station of the IP and 2-Wire system differs as to the main unit, while the expansion modules are identical. These systems also differ as to the monitors (indoor stations) used. In the 2-Wire system, the monitors and the door station communicate and are powered using the DS-KAD706 video/audio/power distributor, which also supports connection to an Ethernet network. When connected the network, each device is visible under a separate IP address and its operation and functionality is exactly the same as in the case of the modular IP system. The modular door/gate station can be mounted and freely extended using 1-3 modular surface or flush mounted frames. The IP system includes also the Villa type solutions dedicated to single-family homes. 1, 2, 4-subscriber door/gate stations with RFID transponder readers in the MIFARE 13.56 MHz standard are also included The present Hikvision video intercom systems can be divided into several subgroups:
  • Modular IP 2 gen. system – modular door/gate station design, for use from single-family houses to very extensive systems, DC 12 V or PoE (802.3 af/at) power supply,
  • Villa 2 gen. IP system – dedicated to single-family houses, DC 12 V or PoE (802.3 af/at) power supply,
  • 2-Wire 2 gen. modular system – modular door/gate station design (compatible with all modules of the 2nd generation IP system, the main unit with a camera and monitor is different), for uses from single-family houses to very large systems, power supply to monitors and door/gate stations using a dedicated distributor with 2-wire cables, after connecting the distributor to the network, all devices are visible under IP addresses (the same functionality as in the 2nd generation IP systems).
The above systems can be combined to create extensive and functional installations tailored to the customer needs, both for single-family houses and for estates with many entrances and gates.
The key features of these systems include:
  • 2 relays to control the wicket and entrance gate built into the gate station/main unit,
  • gate stations have cameras with a wide viewing angle and infrared illuminators,
  • built-in Wi-Fi module in the gate station (Villa 2 gen. only),
  • monitors with Wi-Fi modules,
  • adding and preview of images directly from 16 IP cameras (also via ONVIF protocol in the 2nd gen) or through the IP DVR, HD-TVI Hikvision,
  • cloud-enabled use and control with Hik-Connect application (call forwarding, remote opening, image preview from the door station and cameras). Currently a monitor is required to use this service,
  • extension of each door/gate station (modular system) possible: 1 main unit + 8 extension modules,
  • extension to 9 external door stations: 1 master + 8 slave stations. Moreover, in the DoorPhone (2 gen.) mode, 1 local door/gate station can be added to each main monitor, which can also have 8 extensions,
  • extendable to 500 main monitors, each of which can be expanded by 5 additional monitors (1 master monitor + 5 slave monitors in one apartment). Using the DS-KM8301 concierge station, the system can be expanded to 1,500 monitors, each of which can also have an extension to 5 monitors),
  • intercom function for calls between apartments or monitors in the same premises in an extension mode.
Modular IP, 2-Wire system main components
Main module with expansion modules in the IP system
Hikvision DS-KD8003-IME1/EU (main module of IP video intercom)
Card Reader Module: Hikvision DS-KD-E  (EM 125kHz)
DS-KD-M 13.56 MHz Hikvision Mifare card reader module
DS-KD8003-IME1/EU main unit G73652
DS-KD-E EM 125 kHz card reader module G73660
DS-KD-M Mifare 13.56 MHz card reader module G73662
Indicator Module: Hikvision DS-KD-IN (for IP video intercom)
Name Tag Module: Hikvision DS-KD-KK (6-button, for IP video intercom)
Numeric Keypad: Hikvision DS-KD-KP (for IP video intercom)
DS-KD-IN indicator module G73664
DS-KD-IN 6-button name tag module G73666
DS-KD-KP numeric keypad module G73668
IP Video Intercom Display Module: Hikvision DS-KD-DIS (3.5
Blank module: DS-KD-BK Hikvision for IP video intercom
DS-KD-DIS display module 3,5” G73670
DS-KD-BK blank module G73672
The modular door/gate station can be mounted and freely extended using 1, 2 and -3 modular surface or flush mounted frames
Flush mounted frames:
DS-KD-ACF1 Hikvision 1-module flush mounted housing
DS-KD-ACF2 Hikvision 2-modules flush mounted housing
DS-KD-ACF3 Hikvision 3-modules flush mounted housing
DS-KD-ACF1 Hikvision 1-module flush mounted housing G74340
DS-KD-ACF2 Hikvision 2-module flush mounted housing G74343
DS-KD-ACF3 Hikvision 3-module flush mounted housing G74346
Surface mounted frames:
DS-KD-ACW1 Hikvision 1-module surface-mounted housing
DS-KD-ACW2 Hikvision 2-modules surface-mounted housing
DS-KD-ACW3 Hikvision 3-modules surface-mounted housing
DS-KD-ACW1 Hikvision 1-module surface-mounted housing G74351
DS-KD-ACW1 Hikvision 2-module surface-mounted housing G74354
DS-KD-ACW3 Hikvision 3-module surface-mounted housing G74357
IP system monitors
DS-KH6320-WTE1/EU 7" touch screen monitor G74001
DS-KH8350-WTE1/EU 7" touch screen monitor G74003
The components of the 2-Wire system are listed below. All additional modules and frames of the 2nd generation modular IP system are compatible with the main door/gate station unit
Door Station Main Unit: Hikvision DS-KD8003-IME2 (2-Wire, 2nd-generation)
Two-wire Video/Audio/Power Distributor: Hikvision DS-KAD706
DS-KD8003-IME2 main unit 2-Wire G73644
DS-KH6320-WTE2 7" touch screen monitor with Wi-Fi 2-Wire G74018
DS-KAD706 video/audio/power distributor G74823
IP Villa 2 gen. system (the same monitors are available for
the modular IP system)
Door/gate stations:
IP Intercom Station: Hikvision DS-KV8113-WME1 Villa 2nd gen (1-subscriber, RFID, WiFi, surface mounted)
IP Intercom Station: Hikvision DS-KV8213-WME1 Villa 2 gen (2-subscriber, RFID, WiFi, surface mounted)
IP Intercom Station: Hikvision DS-KV8413-WME1 Villa 2 gen (4-subscriber, RFID, WiFi, surface mounted)
DS-KV8113-WME IP Intercom Station Villa 2nd gen. 1-subscriber G73632
DS-KV8213-WME1 IP Intercom Station Villa 2nd gen. 2-subscriber G73634
DS-KV8413-WME1 IP Intercom Station Villa 2nd gen. 4-subscriber G73636
Sample diagram using the modular IP system
Sample diagram using the modular 2-Wire system
Dedicated apps
IP or 2-Wire video intercoms are network devices which, like the Hikvision cameras and DVRs, should be activated before use. Tools and materials dedicated to use and configure the video intercom systems are listed below:
    SADP – a tool dedicated to device activation, IP address change, password reset. Read more here,
    iVMS-4200 – a tool dedicated to the configuration and operation of video intercom systems, CCTV Hikvision,
    Batch Configuration – a tool for group firmware update,
    Hik-Conenct – control via mobile devices.