Pass-through Flush Outlet: GAP-10-BG-DK (10dB)

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Pass-through flush outlet with moderate tap attenuation (10 dB).


3-year warranty.



Pass-through flush outlet with moderate tap attenuation (10 dB). Outlets of the GAP-xx-BG-DK series are designed primarily for professional use in CATV and MATV systems with pass-through distribution networks. There are models with different tap attenuation levels, which allows for optimizing signal levels throughout the whole distribution network.
Schematic diagram of the outlet
The outlets are compatible with accessories from the following manufacturers: ELEKTROPLAST, ELDA, HAGER POLO, BERKER, KONTAKT-SIMON, OSPEL, LEGRAND, TAREL.


Product type RTV interface
Manufacturer Satel
Name GAP-10-BG-DK
Outlet type Pass-through
Socket type R-TV
Installation Flush-mounted
System Yes
Operating band R output MHz 5 – 862
TV output MHz 5 – 862
Insertion loss R path dB 2,9
TV path dB 2,2
Connection attenuation dB 10.2 – 10.7