Compression tool for compression connectors (F, BNC, IEC) for mounting on TRISET-113, TRISET-11, CAMSET cables. Suitable for E80274, E80275 connectors.
• Compression tool for Platinum connectors
• Suitable for BNC and F-type connectors
• Simple operation
• Ensures stability and reliability of connections
Code: E80077

Top-quality F-connector Platinum for use on TRISET-113 coax. The connector has been designed to ensure watertightness both from the side of the cable and the device.
• Compression connector
• For Triset-113 cable
• Water-tight (protection of the cable against water penetration)
• Log-life, insensitivity to temperature changes
Code: E80274

High quality F-connector for use on TRISET-11 coax
• Type of connector: F compression
• Impedance: 75 Ω
• Material: industrial nickel plated
• Assembly method: PCB compression
• Wide operating bandwidth
• Very low attenuation across the entire operating band
• Tightness on the device side is ensured by a rubber gasket
• Dimensionally advanced to the TRISET-11 / RG-11 cable family
Code: E80275