Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapters allow users to power LAN devices through typical transmission cables (FTP/UTP etc.).
It is very useful solution in the case of Access Points, where the AP can be placed in a hermetic box just by the antenna (to lower the loss in the RF cable) and supplied via transmission cable from a power source located inside a building.
The LED on the top of the device indicates the connection of a power supply.
The adapter can cooperate with all devices supporting passive PoE, and with devices that are not compliant with PoE standard (e.g. requiring 12 VDC from dedicated power supply).
Devices that cannot be powered via Ethernet port should be connected according to the diagram 2.
Diagram 1 – how to power devices compliant with PoE 802.3af standard
Diagram 2 – how to power devices not compliant with PoE 802.3af standard


Model PoE adapter
Product type PoE adapter
Input parameters number 1
connector type DC socket 2.1/5.5, RJ-45
voltage DCV 0...48
PoE pairs 4.5 (V+); 7.8 (V-)
Output parameters number 1
connector type RJ-45
RJ-45 connector voltage V compatible with input
Operating temperature °C -40...+70
Dimensions mm 55 × 40 × 25