Pole-mounted Joint Box: TRACOM MDU B16 (oval port, uncut port)

Code: L5616
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The MDU B16 pole-mounted joint box has two main cable ports and 16 DROP subscriber cable ports.
• BOX type housing
• 2 trunk cable ports (uncut port)
• 16 subscriber cable ports
• Cassette for 24 splices
• Room for mounting 16 SC simplex adapters
• Can be mounted on a pole


2-year warranty.



The L5616 MDU B16 pole-mounted joint box has two main cable ports and 16 DROP subscriber cable ports.
MDU B16 is a box-type design with 18 inlet/outlet ports. This type of a joint box is used to protect fiber optic cable strands and branching systems in overhead and wall-mounted installations. Quality polycarbonate (PC) housing is resistant to UV radiation, low (-40°C) and high (+ 60°C) temperatures and chemicals, which makes it suitable for overhead, ducting and buried cable installations. It is designed for simple and effective installation, while offering a proven fiber optic management system. All metallic parts of the joint box are made of corrosion-resistant materials.
The box has a uncut type modular (bolt on) port. The module contains two oval type (18 mm) points of entry. Such design allows inserting the cable into the box without having to pull it through the port.
A cassette with a maximum of 24 splices s and a panel for 16 SC simplex adapters is also provided.
Key features
  • Housing type: box
  • Height: 300 mm
  • Subscriber ports: 16 pcs. (size: 11 mm)
  • Main ports: 2 (size: 18 mm)
  • Splice capacity: 24 pcs.
  • Weight: 1.6 kg


Product type Joint box
Manufacturer TRACOM
Installation Pole Yes
Wall Yes
Color White
Input/output ports pcs. 2
Subscriber ports pcs. 16
Input/output port diameter mm 18
Subscriber port diameter mm 11
Max. splices pcs. 24
Coupler panel Yes
Coupler panel capacity (SC simplex connectors) pcs. 16
Lock with key Yes
Dimensions mm 300 × 150 × 100
Weight kg +/-0.5