Pole/Post Clamp MH-625 (Ø max 120mm, white)



The MH-625 M5172 galvanized clamp allows for mounting one or two camera brackets (on both sides) on a pole/post with diameter up to 105 mm. Suitable for the following analog cameras M11243, M11249, M11265, M11270, M11273, M11274, M11275, M11276, M11284, M11286, M11289, M11290, and IP cameras K1680, K1810. The kit includes two clamping elements, two threaded rods, 4x nut with washer.
Pole/Post Clamp MH-625 (Ø max 120mm, white)
View of the clamp on a pole
Name MH-625
Code M5172
Max pole/post diameter [mm] 105
Min pole/post diameter [mm] 30
Diameter of mounting holes [mm] 5
Dimensions [mm] 160x120
Weight [kg] 1.5