Power Supply TATAREK 2WZS 12V/100mA (with power injector for antenna amplifiers)



Power Supply TATAREK 2WZS 12V/100mA (with power injector for antenna amplifiers)
View of the power supply

The power supply (based on AC transformer) is designed to provide power to preamplifiers/amplifiers in small terrestrial antenna systems (requiring 12 VDC, with current consumption up to 100 mA). It has additional 13 VAC (max 20 mA) output.
The LED indicator on the back shows the presence of the output voltage (there is no on/off power switch). The included power supply injector placed inside the casing of the IEC plug allows power transmission to the preamp/amplifier located in an antenna box, via the same coaxial cable which provides RF signals to a television.
The power supplies are manufactured by renown Polish manufacturer TATAREK from Wroclaw.
Name 2WZS 12/100 SEP G-AC
Code D0012
Input voltage
230 VAC, 50 Hz
TV connector
IEC plug

DC output

12 V / max 100 mA

Aux. AC output
  13 VAC / max 20 mA
Ecodesign DIRECTIVE  2005/32/EC, Commission Regulation (EC) No 278/2009 Art. 1, Par. 2, Subpar. f
LVD 2006/95/EC EN 60065:2004

2004/108/EC EN 55014-1:2012;
EN 55014-2:1999

IP rating
Flammability Rating
Dimensions 50 x 74 x 78 mm
Weight 0.18 kg



Product type Antenna power supply with a separator
Model 2 WZS 12V/100 mA SEP G-AC
type transformer
Applications Indoor
Input parameters voltage V AC 230
Frequency Hz 50
Connector type screw terminal
Cable length m 1
Output parameters voltage V DC 12
output current A 0,1
Connector type IEC antenna connector
Housing protection degree IP30
Flammability class UL94-V0
Operating temperature °C 0...+40
Dimensions mm 50 × 74 × 78
Weight kg 0.18