Powerline Adapter TP-LINK TL-PA4010 KIT

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Powerline Adapter TP-LINK TL-PA4010 KIT
The device
Powerline Adapter TP-LINK TL-PA4010 KIT
Two RJ45 patch cables included
The TP-LINK TL-PA4010 KIT powerline adapter kit transmits Ethernet signal through the existing electrical wiring. It is an ideal solution when it is not possible to use a twisted-pair cable or when using a wireless network is not possible or not convenient.
The transmitter is a solution that avoids cutting grooves in walls for twisted-pair cable to a specific point in a house or apartment. It can be used in particular with FM and TV equipment including TV sets, tuner amplifiers or network players, and where there is often no internet socket available.

Key features
  • Compliant with the HomePlug AV standard,
  • Compact dimensions,
  • Data transfer rate up to 500 Mbps,
  • Simple Plug and Play installation, no need for device configuration,
  • Using the existing electrical wiring.
Connect the transmitters to all the 230 VAC power outlets requiring access to LAN/Internet. The maximum number of the units in a single network is 6.
The TP-LINK TL-PA4010P KIT network transmitter installs very easily. Connect one adapter to the router, and then connect it to a wall socket and proceed with the other outlet, however, any network device can be connected to the LAN interface. The maximum distance that the signal can be sent through the electrical wiring is 300 m. The sockets have to be connected to the same phase to make the transmission possible.


Powerline Adapter

Product code   N3368
Model   TL-PA4010 KIT
Product type   Powerline adapter
Manufacturer   TP-Link
Interfaces Computer network  Fast Ethernet
Power supply system  C type plug
Buttons  Pair
Wired transmission   

 HomePlug AV

Range  m 300
Modulation   OFDM
Encryption   128-bit AES
Wireless transmission
Frequency  GHz -
Standard  -
Operating modes   -
Gain 2.4 dBi -
5 dBi -
Transmission power 2.4 dBm -
  5   -
MIMO   -
Transmission rate 2.4 GHz Mbps -
5 GHz Mbps -
Polarization  -
Radiation angle H º -
V º -
Sensitivity 2.4 GHz  -
5 GHz  -
WPS   -
Beamforming   -
Operating systems MacOS  -
Linux  -
Windows  -
Device properties   
Max. power consumption  W 4.6
Power supply  VAC 230
PoE -
Dimensions  mm 65x52x28,5
Certificates   CE/FCC
Package content  

Powerline adapter kit
Ethernet RJ45 cable (2 m)
Quick start guide

Operating environment   
Temperature operation 0...+40
  storage -40...+70
Humidity air % 10...90
  storage % 5...90