Privacy Policy

Date of publication: May 25, 2018
1. Introduction.
    1.1. This document explains what information is collected in connection with the services offered by websites of DIPOL company (they include our e-Store, and thereafter are called "Website").

    1.2. The document describes how we use the information, where we store it, and how we protect it.

    1.3. To enable customers and business partners (thereafter, we also call each of them ''User'') to make purchases in our e-Store, we need to collect and process some data. If we need to process the User's data for any purpose other than e-Store, we will always ask for clear consent.

    1.4. We do not share the User's data with third parties, except for our Partners who help us to develop and run the Website.

    1.5. This document also explains the rights of Users with regard to the processing of their data.
2. Definitions
    2.1. Personal Data means information that, in itself or in conjunction with other data, allows for identification of a natural person.

    2.2. Taking into account Personal Data described in the Privacy Policy and used by DIPOL company in connection with the Website, the administrator of Personal Data within the meaning of the rules concerning the protection of personal data in the European Union is: DIPOL Gołaszewski, Gwizdała, Waśniowski Spółka Jawna, 31-587 Kraków, ul. Ciepłownicza 40, NIP: 6780101049, e-mail:, thereafter called DIPOL.

    2.3. Website within the meaning of the rules includes the internet store, thereafter called e-Store and all associated services, including Users' accounts, learning platform, contests/ competitions, and other services for Users.

    2.4. Customer (or generally User) is a natural person at least 16 years old, or legal person, or an organizational unit without legal personality.

    2.5. Partners are trusted companies that help DIPOL to develop and run the Website.

    2.6. Taking into account Personal Data described in the Privacy Policy and used by our Partners in conjunction with running the Website, the administrators of the data within the meaning of the rules concerning the protection of Personal Data in the European Union are those Partners.
3. The scope of the document
    3.1. The Privacy Policy applies to the Website of DIPOL.

    3.2. In particular, the Privacy Policy specifies Personal Data and other data that DIPOL obtains from Customers and anyone using the Website (and in general called Users).

    3.3. The Privacy Policy specifies which personal data and other data of Users are collected and processed by the Website, how and for what purpose it is done and how the data are stored.

    3.4.The Privacy Policy specifies the rights of Users concerning their data provided to DIPOL.

    3.5. The Privacy Policy specifies the Partners of DIPOL which can have access to the Personal Data, and the purpose of the cooperation.
Protection of data obtained from children
    4.1. DIPOL does not intentionally process personal data of children under 16 years of age.
5. What data are collected by DIPOL
    5.1. At the stage of registration in e-Store:

      5.1.1. To register installation and trading companies dealing in the fields of TV and SAT TV, WLAN, CCTV, DIPOL collects the following data:
      • first and last name,
      • e-mail,
      • company name,
      • country,
      • tax identification numbers (TIN),
      • position in the company,
      • phone number(s),
      • address.

      5.1.2. To register natural persons and companies outside the fields of TV and SAT TV, WLAN, CCTV, DIPOL collects the following data:
      • first and last name,
      • e-mail.

    5.2. In the case of using the Website, DIPOL collects:
    • Data necessary for issuing VAT invoices for purchased goods and data enabling to send the goods to the address indicated by the Customer.
    • Logs concerning the activity of the User on the Website, including: logging time and period, IP address, visited web-pages in the e-Store.

    5.3. In the case of contacts with our Technical Department, DIPOL additionally collects:
    • Other data necessary for providing support in response to the User's inquiries and requests for help, such as the logs coming from the User's device, technical data etc.

    5.4. In the case of the User taking part in a course/training, DIPOL additionally collects:
    • Other data processed exclusively for conducting courses/trainings, including: e-mail, name and tax identification numbers (TIN) of company, address for correspondence, phone number(s), position in the company, and sometimes - photograph or scan of the certificate of the position held in the company.

    5.5. The specified range of data is necessary for providing the specific services. If a potential User does not give consent for collecting and processing the required data, he or she will not be able to purchase goods, take part in courses/trainings, and contests/competitions.

    5.6. Cookies.
    DIPOL and our Partners collect information through cookie files (cookies). More information can be found on Cookies link. Cookies policy is a part of Privacy Policy.
6. Information regarding the User's payment data in the online payment service.
    6.1. DIPOL does not collect/storage any specific payment data. Such data are exclusively processed by the payment operator. If the User pays for goods purchased in the e-Store via online payment service, the operator only informs us that the payment has been made, on its date, status, currency and value.
7. How personal data are collected
    7.1. Personal Data can be collected, stored and processed directly by DIPOL or by Partners in the following cases:
      7.1.1. Personal Data are provided by the Users of the Website to us and our Partners in conjunction with purchases in our e-Store.

      7.1.2. Personal Data are provided by the Users in conjunction with contacts with us.

      7.1.3. Information on the activity of the Users of our Website such as logging time and period, IP address, visited web-pages in the e-Store is collected automatically.
8. Why we process Users' data - the legal basis for data processing.
    8.1. We process the User's data in order to provide the Website services, which is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject (the User) is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject (the User) prior to entering into a contract; in order to meet the legal obligations imposed on us; in order to meet the so-called "legitimate interest" of DIPOL company, or for other reasons showed in paragraph 10: "Purposes of data processing".

      8.1.1. By "legitimate interest" we mean a lawful and rational purpose of data processing in order to protect the security of the data being processed, to market DIPOL's services ensuring that our marketing is right for the Users, to analyze the data in order to fight fraud . When we rely on the legitimate interest, we analyze and consider each potential impact of data processing on the User's rights. For other purposes, we ask for clear consent, which can be withdrawn at any time, without affecting the validity of the data processed before the withdrawal of the consent.
9. How we handle Users' data
    9.1. The data we collect are stored on secure servers in Europe. We have implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect Users' data against unauthorized or unlawful processing, loss, destruction or damage. We attach great importance and take appropriate measures to ensure that the data is processed in a secure manner and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

    9.2. How long we store Users' data.
      9.2.1. We retain the User's data only as long as it is necessary to achieve the objectives set out in this Privacy Policy. In some exceptional cases, longer retention periods may be required by law, e.g. for tax, billing or other legal requirements and obligations.

    9.3. If we no longer need the User's data, we will them delete or anonymize. In particular:

      9.3.1. The data connected with the User's account on the Website are stored during the contract, i.e. until the account has been closed. After closing, the data will be retained for a reasonable period to meet tax, legal and billing requirements.

      9.3.2. If the User contacts us and does not have an account in e-Store, the correspondence will be retained over the period needed to provide the service and then for a reasonable period to meet tax, legal and billing requirements.

      9.3.3. For marketing purposes, we retain the User's data for as long as we have valid consent. In the event of withdrawing such consent by the User, we will remove them without unnecessary delay and not longer than within 14 days from the receipt of the User's decision.
10. The purposes of data processing.
    10.1. The Users' data can be used for the following purposes:
    • In order to fulfill our obligations under the agreements between the Users and us regarding access to the e-Store, possibility to place orders, take part in courses or trainings and contests or competitions.
    • In order to maintain technical support services for Users.
    • To identify incorrect use of e-Store.
    • In order to maintain, improve and develop e-Store.
    • For tax, legal and billing purposes.
    • In order to provide Users with marketing information, including personalized marketing e-mails about products and services that are available from us or which, in our opinion, may be of interest for them, e.g. by sending newsletters about promotions to their e-mail addresses. Of course, this is optional - we must have the permission of each User for receiving such materials from us.

    10.2. In the event of personalization or targeting of our marketing communications, we can profile Users' data, which means that we can use the information we have collected to adapt the addressed communication to each User's needs. In this case, however, we do not use algorithms that make automated decisions - for example, we do not submit automated offers based on the User's behavior in the e-Store.

    10.3. We may process certain aggregated data that are not Personal Data of any Users and transfer them to our Partners in order to fulfill contracts or to increase the functionality of the Website.

    10.4. If you, the User, do not want to receive personalized offers, product recommendations or any advertising information, you can object at any time.
11. Collection of data by third parties and external services.
    11.1. The Website can have links to the content or services provided by third parties or external services. Our Privacy Policy does not cover those parties or services, so each User should familiarize on his/her own with the relevant privacy policy which each of the parties/services uses.
12. Our trusted Partners
    12.1. The scope of data described in the Privacy Policy that is processed by our Partners in conjunction with running the Website is administered by those Partners and, according to the EU rules concerning protection of personal data, each Partner is responsible for protecting the data.

    12.2. The Personal Data of Users can be shared with our trusted Partners that help us to provide our services. We assure you that we always provide our Partners with the minimum scope of information necessary to achieve the goals for which they cooperate with us. Partners may have potential or real access to the data and process them on our behalf only for the purposes set out below.

    12.3. Our trusted Partners are:

      12.3.1. Partners providing us with internal management tools and tools for running web services.

      12.3.2. Partner helping us with data analysis by providing analytical tools.

      12.3.3. Professional legal, tax, auditing and billing advisors.

      12.3.4. Foreign business Partners in the European Union supporting the Website by running it in other language versions than Polish

    12.4. When demanded by law, we may be required to disclose the User's personal data to the police or other public authority.

    12.5. Our e-Store uses the reCAPTCHA service provided by Google Inc. to protect the content entered by Users in forms available on our web pages. This service checks whether the web browser is dealing with a natural person or a robot, in order to prevent abuse of some functions of the Website by spam dispatchers. The service requires the IP address of the User and potentially other data needed by Google for the proper operation of this functionality. For this purpose, the content you provide is passed to Google and used by this company.
13. Users' rights.
    13.1. At any time, each User has the right to object to any processing of his/her Personal Data (e.g. for marketing purposes). Such objection can be made by sending appropriate e-mail message to or by using the suitable tool of the User's account on the Website.

    13.2. In addition, each User has the following rights:
    • The right of access to the Personal Data stored by DIPOL.
    • The right to request removal of data from the database of DIPOL.
    • The right to demand correction of data in justified cases.
    • The right to demand restriction of data processing.
    • The right to transfer data to another entity.

    Each User can claim these rights by sending appropriate e-mail message to

    13.3. If you, the User, have any questions regarding protection of your Personal Data, please contact us by sending appropriate e-mail message to If you think that your claims have not been properly satisfied, you can report it to your local data protection authority or the President of the Personal Data Protection Office in Poland.
14. Changes in Privacy Policy.
    14.1. We may make changes to this document if it is necessary due to the change of law or change in the functionality of our Website, however, the provisions expressed in the document may be changed only to the extent necessary and without prejudice to your rights. In this case, we will make the amended document available on-line and we will try to inform you about the changes by sending you information about it electronically
    14.2. Changes in Privacy Policy enter into force on the date of publication of this document on the Website. If you, the User, have questions regarding any changes, please contact us.