Professional F-connector: Platinum (for TRISET-11)

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High quality F-connector for use on TRISET-11 coax
• Type of connector: F compression
• Impedance: 75 Ω
• Material: industrial nickel plated
• Assembly method: PCB compression
• Wide operating bandwidth
• Very low attenuation across the entire operating band
• Tightness on the device side is ensured by a rubber gasket
• Dimensionally advanced to the TRISET-11 / RG-11 cable family


3-year warranty.



Top-quality Platinum F-connector for use on TRISET-11 coax.
The connector has been designed to ensure watertightness (after crimping). During compression of the connector a plastic bush is tightly pressed against the sheath of the cable (by putting on cone-shaped brass bush). The plastic material is protected by patent (Delrin of DuPont company well known for quality of products). It is UV-proof, and ensures stable physical parameters in very wide temperature range. The metal parts of the connector are made of nickel-plated brass and are corrosion-proof.
The way of crimping ensures high mechanical strength, watertightness, and stability of parameters. The compression should be made with the crimping tool E80077.

* Derlin 527UV is high-quality special plastic (acetic homopolymer).
Preparation and termination of the cable.
Remove cable jacket and dielectric at the length of 5 mm.
Then remove only the jacket (sheath) at the length of 4 mm.
F-connector 6.5 mm (crimped)
View of the cable prepared for termination
Put the central pin (in the set) on the central wire and the whole end insert into the main part of the connector.
F-connector 6.5 mm (crimped)
TRISET-11 with the connector on (before compression)
F-connector 6.5 mm (crimped)
TRISET-11 with the connector crimped on
Notice: Before crimping the connector onto the cable the adapter of the crimping tool has to be set for TRISET-11.
F-connector 6.5 mm (crimped)
The connector in the crimping tool - crimp until compression ring is fully seated in connector body
F-connector 6.5 mm (crimped)
The termination of the cable is ready!


Product type Plug
connector type F
Cable mounting Compression
Cable family Triset-11
Specyfikacja techniczna
Impedance Ohm 75
Frequency range MHz 5...3000
Shielding class A
Material Basic Cooper
Finishing Nickel
Dimensions Inner diameter mm 10,4