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Quadruple RF Modulator MIXPOL MDP-4S (ch. 1-69)
Code: R95163
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2-year warranty
Antenna UHF Preamplifier AA-101 ALCAD
View of the modulator
Quadruple DSB TV modulator MDP-4S R95163 has been designed for distributing in antenna systems up to four A/V signals (four separate working channels in full TV band: ch. 1-12, S1-S38, 21-69) coming from various sources, e.g. sat receivers, CCTV cameras. Used mainly for distribution of CCTV images in MATV/SMATV systems, making them available to all subscribers.
The modulator can operate within the whole TV band, using 5.5 MHz or 6.5 MHz audio subcarrier (in B/G or D/K systems, correspondingly). The operating parameters are programmed using its local keyboard and display. The maximum output level of each of the four RF channels (at the common RF output) is 84 dBuV. The modulator should be powered from a suitable power supply (not included) with output voltage 5 VDC and current capacity 1 A.
The programming is performed via the panel keys and digital display. The device has a test signal generator.
This model does not use RF loop.
Power supply has to be bought separately ( M1818 with 5V/1000mA output).

NameQuadruple RF Modulator MIXPOL MDP-4S 
RF outputCh. 1-12.S1-38.21-69
max 84 dBμV. 75 Ω
Video inputs
20 Hz - 6 MHz
Audio inputs
20 Hz - 15 kHz; RCA 775 mV / 600 Ω
Audio subcarrier
5.5 MHz / 6.5 MHz
Power5V 360mA
Dimensions170x70x35 mm
Weight0.42 kg
Operating temperature range

Price w/o taxPriceDisc.Validity  
123.41 EUR123.41 EUR0 %
Quadruple RF Modulator MIXPOL MDP-4S (ch. 1-69)
Code: R95163