Quick Assembly Connector: ULTIMODE FAST-05SC/APC

Code: L5712
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Quick assembly SC connector ULTIMODE 05SC/APC for cables with diameters up to 3 mm.
Quick Assembly Connector: ULTIMODE FAST-05SC/APC
View of the main parts of the fast connector
Distinguishing features:
  • quick assembly connector for cables with a diameter of 3 mm
  • SC/APC connector for single-mode fibers
  • typical installation time: about 30 seconds
  • low loss: 0.25 dB
ULTIMODE FAST-05SC/APC is a fast SC/APC connector to be mounted on a single-mode fiber end, without time-consuming gluing and polishing. The procedure does no require "sterile" conditions, because the end face of the built-in fiber fragment has been glued and polished by the manufacturer. The low loss at the level of 0.25 dB is obtained thanks to advanced positioning of the inserted fiber end by V-shaped grooves. The optical gel that is also used in the connector reduces the effects of an imprecise cut and a possible gap between the end faces of the fibers.
Due to stepped end style APC ferrule (8 degrees), ULTIMODE FAST-05SC/APC connectors ensure lower back reflection.
ULTIMODE quick assembly connectors terminate optical cables with diameters up to 3 mm, providing a decent quality without using expensive tools and maintaining special conditions.
Quick assembly connectors are suitable for terminating optical lines instead of traditional, glued connectors, e.g. used in distribution and termination boxes in buildings.
Tools necessary for termination of optical cables:
  • Stripper ULTIMODE ST-195 L5561 - intended for ULTIMODE fast connectors, allowing for quick and precise measurement of the length of the layers to be stripped off;
  • IPA cleaner L5915 and dust-free Kim-Wipes L5913 - accessories necessary for cleaning fibers;
  • Fiber disposal container L5918;
  • Precision fiber cleaver F1-6000 L5801 - for cutting fibers with a cladding diameter of 125 um and 250/900 um buffer coatings.
The ULTIMODE ST-195 stripper, intended for ULTIMODE fast connectors.
It allows for quick and precise measurement of the length of the layers to be stripped off.
Code L5712
Fiber type
Fiber diameter (cladding) 125 μm
Cable diameter up to 3 mm
IL 0.25 dB (1310 and 1550 nm)
RL < -60 dB
Reuse max 5 times
Operating temperature - 40...75 oC


ULTIMODE Building System is a solution to create FTTH networks in buildings (Fiber To The Home). The system provides a complete range of products for deployment of fiber optic links in each apartment/office, including "open space" offices.


Kod L5712
Rodzaj światłowodu  jednomodowy
Średnica włókna 125 μm
Średnica kabla do 3 mm
IL 0,25 dB/km (dla 1310 i 1550 nm)
RL < -60 dB
Powtórne zarobienia złącza max 5 razy
Temperatura pracy - 40 ... 75 oC