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SatKrak digital television exhibition in Krakow was held from October 14 to 16, 2010. DIPOL received Special Recognition for the range of equipment allowing to do and test antenna systems and receive DVB-T broadcasts.
This Eiffel Tower built of Terra multiswitches was one of our exhibit items at SatKrak
Products dedicated for DVB-T which received Special Recognition of SatKrak
9/32 Multiswitch: TERRA MSV-932 (active terr. path, w/o p.s.)
DVB-T Receiver Signal HD-507 (MPEG-2/4, PVR Ready)
Outdoor Digital TV Antenna Signal HDA-5000
DVB-T Signal Meter: Digiair PRO
DVB-T receiver
Signal A99250
DVB-T ant.
Signal A6040
DVB-T meter
DVB-T receiver & recorder
and multimedia player
Signal-DVB-T HD-507
DVB-T Receiver Signal HD-507 (MPEG-2/4, PVR Ready)
Signal-DVB-T HD-507 A99250 is a multifunctional device that receives DVB-T broadcasts, can record them on an external USB memory and play them back. It can also play other multimedia files.
Main features:
  • DTT standard: DVB-T (SD, HD)
  • MPEG-2, H.264
  • HDMI output
  • Parental control
  • PVR via USB
  • Multimedia USB
  • Mono, Dual-Channel, Stereo
Similar devices:
SD DVB-T Receiver: OPTICUM FT16p
DVB-T Receiver: FERGUSON FT-8100 HD
SD DVB-T Receiver
OPTICUM FT16p A99410
FT-8100 HD A99259
DVB-T Signal Meter Digiair PRO
DVB-T Signal Meter: Digiair PRO
The R10510 meter is a versatile measuring device designed for installers of modern antenna systems
Digiar PRO is manufactured by a Swedish company. It enables measurements of parameters of analog and digital TV signals, important for the quality of every antenna system. Its high sensitivity allows to detect even the weakest signals.
Main features:
  • Frequency range: 45-860 MHz
  • High sensitivity: 30dBuV
  • Simultaneous measurements of up to six channels
  • Channel lists
  • Measurements of the major parameters of digital signals: Pre-BER, Post-BER, MER
  • Signal spectrum analyzer
  • DVB-T COFDM signal constellation diagram
  • Maxhold function
  • Power supply for antenna preamplifiers (5, 12, 24 V)
  • Handy size and shape
  • AC and car charger included
The meter is recommended for all installers of terrestrial TV antennas. Its power supply is provided by 8 AA rechargeable batteries. Operating time depends on the function of the meter, but when using the fully charged batteries is not shorter than 2 hours. In the event of a particularly difficult, time-consuming installation, the meter can be supplied with typical alkaline batteries (AA/R6 1.5 V).
Outdoor Digital TV Antenna Signal HDA-5000
Outdoor Digital TV Antenna Signal HDA-5000
The use of two "quad" elements increases the gain of the Signal HDA-5000 A6040 antenna, which translates directly into high quality reception, despite compact design.
The employed low-noise amplifier is specially dedicated to receiving DVB-T signals. The antenna is ideally suited for areas with good and average level of terrestrial TV signals (as well as can be used for analog TV signals in non-problematic areas), allowing to receive signals over distances up to 20-30 kilometers from the transmitter. This aesthetic and unobtrusive device ensures correct reception of SD and HD channels (it may depend on local conditions).
Main features:
  • two quad elements increasing antenna gain,
  • reception of both polarizations,
  • wall bracket with the possibility of bending,
  • integrated GSM/3G filter,
  • powered via RF cable (5 VDC - from an STB, or from the included AC/DC adapter and DC injector),
  • included 3 m RF cable with outdoor sleeve,
  • water- and UV-resistant housing.
Other antennas dedicated for DVB-T:
UHF TV Antenna: DIPOL 44/21-69 Tri Digit
UHF TV antenna: DIPOL 19/21-69 DIGITAL
DVB-T Antenna with Amplifier - Signal
Tri Digit A2670
Signal A1911
Indoor antenna
Signal A6030
Multiswitch TERRA MSV-932
9/32 Multiswitch: TERRA MSV-932 (active terr. path, w/o p.s.)
Professional multiswitch that can be used either in individual buildings (one device allows to connect 32 outlets) or as part of huge SMATV systems with hundreds of outlets.
The MSV-932 multiswitch has been designed both for building large SMATV systems for over 1000 subscribers as well as for direct use in individual buildings. Small installations do not require any design, whereas larger systems can be easily designed using SatNet software.
Main features:
  • very large number of outputs, despite compact dimensions;
  • active terrestrial TV path with 17 dB gain adjustment range;
  • gain adjustment in satellite TV path;
  • high maximum output levels: 93 dBuV (SAT), 91 dBuV (terr. TV);
  • high Modulation Error Ratio (MER), needed for error-free reception of digital satellite and terrestrial TV signals;
  • powering from an external power supply directly through AUX connector or via H lines (in smaller systems);
  • ideal as a standalone core of a small-size installation (up to 32 outlets) or as component of larger SMATV systems employing a number of multiswitches.
TERRA multiswitches
SatNet application, included free of charge to TERRA multiswitches, is a comprehensive program for network planning and design which is necessary in the case of larger SMATV systems. The program allows to prepare the project in graphical form, to determine signal levels in all outlets and verify if they are compliant with standards, and to decide whether to use equalization function of the amplifiers. It may reduce many times the time needed for such projects. Using subsequent simulations, the user of the SatNet software can determine the kinds, numbers, and layout of active and passive components of the system.
At SatKrak DIPOL also presented:
DVB-T amplifiers
Outdoor DVB-T Antenna Amplifier: Terra AB001 (5VDC)
Outdoor DVB-T Antenna Amplifier: Terra AB001 (5 VDC)
Terra AB001 amplifier is dedicated for outdoor applications in individual antenna installations and small MATV systems (with up to a dozen sockets). Moderate 12 dB gain throughout the whole UHF band (470-862 MHz) practically eliminates the risk of overdriving. It is normally powered directly from the input of a DVB-T receiver (5 VDC).
Cables and connectors
TRISET family of coaxial cables gained the "Product of the Year" award during a previous edition of SatKrak exhibition.
Distinguishing features of Triset cables:
  • low loss - possibility of using long transmission lines,
  • perfect matching - high-quality transmission,
  • high screening efficiency - resistance to interference.
Triset cables of class A+
Professional connectors are extremely important components of antenna systems. Any, even the best connector causes a loss of signal. Therefore, one should avoid excessive number of connections in the distribution network. Until recently, the most common type of connectors used both in individual installations and SMATV systems were screw connectors. Such connectors do not ensure high-performance connections. Antenna installers know the problems and increasingly use stable, high quality compression connectors. These connectors do not allow water and moisture to get into the cable. The way of mounting eliminates the risk of accidental disconnection.
Professional F-connector: Platinum (on TRISET-113)
Compression Antenna Socket PCT-IECF-9<br />(for TRISET-113)
Platinum F connector
PCT compression
connector E3006