Relay Module ROPAM RM85-12V-1P

Code: G7055
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Relay Module ROPAM RM85-12V-1P
View of the module
Relay Module ROPAM RM85-12V-1P
View of the opposite side
The multipurpose RM85-12V-1P relay modules can be used to control 230 VAC appliances via OC outputs of intruder alarm panels. Their GZT80 casing can be easily mounted on DIN rail and the relay can also be easily changed, if needed.
Name RM85-12V-1P
Code G7055 
Trigger voltage
 9÷24 VDC
Current consumption (coil)
33 mA (at 12 V)
Coil resistance 360 Ω
Relay output
Contacts NO, NC, C
Switching capacity
12 A, 230 VAC
Triggering by OC outputs
Mountable on DIN rail (35 mm) YES
Weight 60 g



Model RM85-12V-1P
Brand Ropam
Product type Relay module
Compatibility Alarm detectors
Supply voltage DC V 9 – 24
Current consumption of the coil mA 35
Relay coil resistance Ohm 360
Contact type NO, NC, C
Contact capacity AC 12
AC 230
Control from OC outputs Yes
DIN rail mounting (35 mm) Yes
Weight kg 0,06