Remotely Controlled Power Outlet with Remote: Exta Free RWG-01K (RWG-01 + P-257/2)

Code: F5019
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Remotely Controlled Power Outlet with Remote: Exta Free RWG-01K (RWG-01 + P-257/2)
General view of the kit
The RWG-01 remotely controlled power outlet can switch on/off power for any electrical appliances with 230 VAC rated voltage and power consumption below 4000 VA. The outlet can be wirelessly controlled by any remotes from the EXTA FREE system. There is no need for an installation - the RWG-01 is plugged in directly into a normal AC power outlet, in series with the appliance.
Key features:
  • The kit includes wireless remote control P-257/2
  • Cooperation with any other EXTA FREE remote controls (wireless transmitters)
  • Control of any connected AC appliances, e.g. lamps, heaters etc.
  • Plugged directly into a normal 230 VAC outlet
  • 5 operation modes: switching on, switching off, monostable mode, bistable mode, time mode (delay of switching off)
  • Long reception range (up to 250 m)
  • Optical indication of operation
  • Low power consumption, possibility of continuous operation
Name Remotely Controlled Power Outlet with Remote Exta Free RWG-01K (RWG-01 + P-257/2)
Code F5019
Components P-257/2 RWG-01
Codes F5112 F5224
Supplying voltage
3 V (CR2032) 230 V AC
Number of channels
2 1
Operating frequency
868.32 MHz
Range up to 250 m in open space up to 250 m in open space
Relay output   1x NO/NC 16A/250V- AC1 4000 VA
Operating temperature -10°C...55°C
Dimensions 74x33x11.5 mm 160 x 66 x 90 mm
Weight 0.038 kg 0.160 kg


Name Remote controlled socket with remote control RWG-01K (RWG-01 + P-257/2) Exta Free
Product type Transmitter, Relay
System Exta Free
Mounting In-socket, Free-standing
Housing type Remote control
Transmission type Unidirectional
Frequency MHz 868
Applications indoor
Number of relays 1
Relay parameters maximum current A 16
maximum voltage V 250
Number of transmitters 2
Power supply voltage VAC 230
battery CR2032
Range m 100
Protection rating IP20